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    Hi Rufus,
    I use a combination of TB, eagle creek and self made accessories when I pack. They all have their place and work for me. I think FrankII gave you some good advice when he said:

    "Before you ask yourself what to buy, ask yourself how you like to pack. Do you like using packing cubes/folders/sacs? If so, do you prefer to put lots of things into a few larger cubes/folder/sacs or have lots of smaller ones?

    Make a list of the things you pack and then figure out how you would pack them. Once you have that done, then you can decide which packing accessories to get. Make sure you take dimensions into account and the fact that none of these items is made of hard material. "

    I use smaller packing cubes, I dislike the large ones. I like the TB organizer cubes but not stuff sacks, so much. But, that's just me. You, I'm sure, have your own unique way of doing things.

    After saying all that, TB bags are made with care in the US in a friendly, caring environment. They are (as are the compontents) of the highest quality and offer those of us that own them years of fine service. If there is a problem, the TB customer service is REALLY good. For me, all these things matter. That's why I choose to spend my hard earned dollars with TB rather than some other producer.

    When you get your bags I'd love to see pictures. Welcome to the forum too. You can get lots of really cool ideas here.
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    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. They were helpful in understanding what to expect and what to get.

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