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    Looking for slimmer alternative to brain cell

    I have both a tristar and have a 13 inch slim ultrabook. The appropriate braincell for my laptop is the 6Z, but I find it is too thick, with interior thickness 1.1 inches and exterior thickness is 2.2 whereas my laptop is 0.68. I therefore find I am wasting valuable space in packing and sometimes struggle because of the disproportionate space taken up by Mr Braincell. I usually only travel with one bag and need a bag for my laptop when I get to meetings etc.

    Does anyone know of any slimmer alternatives to the braincell? I don't need the padding etc as priority but just something with handles I can put in my tristar or westernflyer when travelling and use to carry my laptop when I get to a meeting. Doesn't need to carry anything other than a laptop. A sleeve wont work as I need something with handles

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    Though it may not be exactly what you are asking for, I think there are two Tom Bihn alternatives that might be good to look at - the Cache or 13 Ristretto. If I had a computer that would fit it, I would have definitely gone with the Ristretto even though it would be a bit thicker the style is thin and streamlined. Also, you could have a tailor add a webbing handle loop to a Tom Bihn Cache with rails - you would have a thin solution that would also be TSA checkpoint friendly given your Tri-Star has the rail loops sewn in (you can have a tailor add them in to retrofit if you do not have them).

    Outside of Tom Bihn, my top picks for a thin but still protective case made with quality materials and with a handle would be:

    Moshi Codex thin, work-in case with handle and shoulder strap option
    MacCase Flight Jacket thin with handle and shoulder strap option (vertical orientation) can remove the front pocket to make extra thin.
    SFBags SleeveCase thin and can get a handle with it (a short strap that attaches to the D-Rings)
    SFBags City Slicker thin and can add a handle and shoulder strap

    I have the 17 version of all of the above except for the City Slicker and I find they add a good amount of protection while still being thin. My favorite is the MacCase Flight Jacket. However, the SleeveCase is a close second for a horizontal oriented case. If I want no fuss, the Moshi Codex is the perfect work-in case. Also, all of the above matches well with the Tri-Star IMHO.
    There are, of course, others but I find the above to be made with good materials and craftsmanship and still protect my laptop (this is my requirement as I will not sacrifice much protection for thinness).

    Here is a link to some reviews based on wanting something thin and light:
    On the PC to Mac Switch and 13 MBA Bags | Write | Boyink!

    Some other options I have thought of because of the flexibility: the Pilot and Cadet fit well in a Tri-Star. With the Pilot and Cadet, you can pack all your adaptors and perhaps some emergency clothing in case you are told to check-in your Tri-Star. You can pull out the Pilot or Cadet and still carry it onboard with some emergency clothes.

    Hope this helps and have fun deciding

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