I've been mulling over switching from a backpack (too much wasted vertical space) to a messenger bag, in a size like an ID. (Honestly, something in between an ID and Imago is probably more my speed, but nothing fits that bill in the TB lineup, no?)

My current bag is about 30L and I -do not- come close to filling it in any usable fashion. I -hate- rooting around in bags to find what I need. My current organization provides some structure, but not too much organization. This is cool, because I like to adapt my organization to what I'm carrying - but it's just a little too spare and too general to really help me maximize my space utilization, especially given the amount of vertical space. 17-20L is an ideal amount of volume (I think!)

I'm a pretty light carry - 13" MBP, small assortment of misc IT cabling (console, USB-serial, power adapters, headphones), a couple multi-tools, notes, writing implements and the occasional technical brief, pad and/or 7" tablet.

I ride a 07 CBR 1000rr very frequently the moment it's over 50F and not raining. My backpack is nice because I don't have to ditch my helmet to (practically) remove my bag. It's also nice because it's pretty secure while I'm riding. Heh, I can ride in a ... spirited fashion sometimes.

I'm a little worried about cross-body for use on a motorcycle, so was curious if anyone had feedback regarding personal, hands-on Q-AM use on their motorcycle. I typically ride in a sport riding jacket or one piece and full-face helmet. I also tend to ride in a pretty good tuck around my tank, so I'm worried about buckles and other stuff right up against my tank & scratching. Looking at videos, review pictures and so on, the positioning of the Q-AM buckles makes it look like they will clear my tank, but it's hard to tell.

I have a Tri-Star with Absolute Strap w/ clips. Is this something I can just pop the clips off of and stick it in place of the Q-AM, if that's what's blowing my hair back that week? I'm all for whatever lets me be the mot flexible with what I already have.

Appreciate any fellow riders' tips. I'm open to any suggestions for rocket-friendly gear.