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    Thumbs down straps on synapse25 won't adjust when worn - is it normal?

    Hi guys,

    I've been ignoring this issue since July when I got the S25 but when I'm wearing the pack and I need to tighten or loosen the straps it just won't budge or slide easily. Even if I hold the buckles strategically like with all of my packs [with one hand] it really won't budge. It's such a hassle for me to remove the pack and then adjust over and over again depending on the load. I think I threw the pack once out of frustration with all the gears inside haha (ooopsie).

    Is this a normal issue or is it just me? Maybe my straps are just pigheaded.


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    I sometimes have that problem too. When dealing with pigheaded straps, I rub a little bit of dry wax on the webbing to make it just slippery enough to adjust easily. You do not need very much wax - just 2 or 3 swipes on parts of the webbing that are sticking. Unless you put too much wax, it does not flake off either.

    Just as a check - perhaps the webbing was not threaded properly through the shoulder strap? I sometimes accidentally rethread the strap webbing backwards. Also, perhaps it was on backwards by accident to begin with.

    From what I know, the webbing should go from the back of the backpack, threaded through the upper slot of the shoulder strap buckle via the back of the buckle and then put
    back though the lower slot of the buckle from the front. Also, the webbing should not be twisted. I am sure you probably have tried the above but I find it is always good to check when troubleshooting issues.

    I also found with my SA that it took a few times of loosening and tightening the straps (by pulling up on the bottom of the shoulder strap buckle to release the tension lock) to get it to move smoothly. I did this while wearing the backpack with a heavy load so that it would loossen quicker and to make sure it was working.

    Hope this helps! (or if I am wrong in how I thread my straps, tell me the right way )

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    I had trouble with this on my Synapse 25 at first, but then I figured out the trick that works for me. It does require two hands though - to adjust the right strap, I hold the dangly strap with my right hand and the buckle with my left hand (with the end of the buckle towards the dangly strap lifted so that the buckle is more or less parallel to the ground), and this makes it very easy. I just tried and I can tighten the strap using only one hand, but it's not nearly as smooth and easy as the two-handed method (and I definitely can't loosen it with only one hand). Hope this helps.

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