I notice that the Kindle Fire/Keyboard Pouch product listing has been showing up as "sold out and unavailable for order" for a while. Has this product been discontinued? If so, it would make sense to list alternative options on the product page, and also to provide links, for example, to the page for the 7inch tablet caches, or perhaps to the Medium (Padded) Organizer pouch pages. One difference between the new tablet cache(s) you are recommending for the Kindle Fire and the older Kindle Keyboard/Fire Pouch is that you won't be able to fit 7" Horzontal Tablet 198 or the 7" Vertical Tablet 131, or the Medium Size Organizer Pouch with Kindle inside the Field Journal Notebook, but the slightly tapered design of the Kindle Keyboard/Fire Pouch did make this possible -- at least, I could do this using that pouch for a Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Touch.

I'm finding the naming and classification of these pouch and cache options confusing for making recommendations, especially having just posted cache/pouch recommendations in the iPad Mini EDC thread. I guess I'll have to add the 7" Horzontal Tablet 198 to the list of those options as something slightly larger than the cache for the iPad Mini (I think, based on the exterior dimensions) for those people wanting a little more room for iPad Mini with keyboard. Any reason why the 7" Vertical Tablet 131 doesn't list the iPad Mini? -- is it thought this would be too loose? Maybe having a chart with outlined shapes and ordered size labels would help to pick out appropriate pouches/caches here.