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    3-D Organizer Pouch - Toiletries?

    How do you fit your toiletries into these pouches? Or do you only put some of them in and use a few of them or something else altogether? I picked one up and there is no way I can fit mine in there.

    Typical Toiletries:
    Deodorant (Roll On)
    Body Wash in Gotoob
    Shaving Cream
    Shaving Brush
    Shaving Razor
    After Shave Lotion
    Facial Moisturizer
    Tooth Brush
    Tooth Paste (travel size)

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    Dear ArnieJB,

    I would suggest separating the liquid and dry toiletries. I have been using the Clear Quarter Packing Cube for my toiletries, where the liquids end up on one side, and the dry toiletries end up on the other side. The Clear Quarter Packing Cube has a 2.7 litre capacity (1.35 litres on each side), so it technically doesn't meet the 3-1-1 TSA rule. But I have never had a security officer in the US or overseas object to its size. 3 oz sizes of the items you have described should fit nicely into the Clear Quarter Packing Cube.

    With kind regards,

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    Great idea Maverick! That would work....thank you!

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    I use two organizer pouches. One is clear for liquids the other all dynema fir everything g else. I have la ling key strap on each. I use them as handles.
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    I have two clear OPs in different colours - one for 3-1-1 (tethered by a 16" strap), the other for dry stuff (comb, toothbrush, solid toiletries). They stack neatly in the narrow side of the TS front compartment, with space left for a separate makeup bag.
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    I find a Dyneema Side Effect to be the perfect size.

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    If you really want to keep it all in the organizer cube, try getting single use products from minimus. They have individual packets of toothpaste, deodorant, and the like.

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    If you use disposable plastic safety razors, you can usually cut the handle in half with some good scissors/pvc cutter. Use a travel toothbrush that slides into the handle so it is only half the length when put away. Shaving cream, switch this to a tiny bottle of olive oil (thumb size is more than plenty), only a few drops in the palm, then rub on face, research it for more info. This should eliminate the need for a shaving brush. After shave.....I use plain tap water, doesn't burn nearly as long and very decent if you used the olive oil. Get a travel size q-tips. I have one and just refill it from the big box after each trip. Don't forget cuticle cutters and tweezers. It sucks to need those and not have them, they use very little room.

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    I use a Dyneema 3D clear organizer cube for my 311 liquid stuff, and a medium clear organizer pouch for dry stuff. And being female, I feel rah-ther superior that my setup is smaller than those of either Frank II or Maverick. ;-)

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    @TavaPeak: You go, girl. Me, too!

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