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    You could get an insulated water bottle. I have one from Klean Kanteen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heparker View Post
    My Pilot has the same issue, too. I was slightly disappointed (maybe more) that the front-center WATER/UMBRELLA pocket was lined with mesh and NOT Dyneema! Will have to be tepid water in my water bottle...
    There are advantages to using the mesh interface as a way of getting more customizability in the sizes of what you can store in each of the pockets or side pockets. This is true for the Pilot as well as for the Co-Pilot and Synapse. Just my experience from use of these bags. Also, people choose to use a variety of water bottle sizes and shapes -- some sizes and shapes transfer more easily between different bags, or can be housed in side pockets.

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    I find the idea of using stuff sacks to hold the water bottle really good.
    Does anyone have any idea if the travel sacks or the yarn sacks would be better for this purpose? The yarn sacks have clips, but I don't know if the clips would be useful, especially the one inside the sack, as it might keep knocking against the bottle.

    Or maybe..... Tom Bihn bottle holders anyone?
    I was thinking a scaled down version of the tripod quivers might be good for this.

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    Ah!!! Thank you Moriond!! That makes it crystal clear for me. I actually had a hunch that it would be something like that..I thought that corner would be pretty difficult to get right.
    Thanks for posting this for me.

    Oh and I def. will get the Synapse 19 now....and also a snake charmer and *gulp* an aeronaut. I wont have any money left for travelling..but who cares? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoStanford View Post
    Seems to me that the Co-Pilot has the same issue, as there is mesh-type material on either side of the center water bottle pocket. Am I missing something? I was planning on keeping electronics in the small front pockets off to each side, but may not do that as all my water bottles have at one point or another leaked (in non-Bihn bags). I've tried Liberty Bottleworks (same company that makes the Tom Bihn water bottles), Sigg, Nalgene, Mason jars, and others. It may not be a full leak, but some liquid has escaped from the bottles. I'm not going to use my Co-Pilot till I figure this out.

    I think it is worth mentioning that the bottom of the Co-Pilot has a "grommet so any condensation, spills, or leaks won't puddle in the bag" From what I know, there are grommets also in the Pilot and Smart Alec - as Snowbot mentioned too (unfortunately this grommet is impossible with the Synapse backpacks due to the bottom pocket). I do not see many other bag manufacturers that go the extra effort to add a drain grommet and I am impressed.

    This may not help with the mess of a "splashy" leak but it should help some as long as you keep you back upright and the mesh is pretty good at keeping small amounts of liquids from splashing through (water surface tension and the mesh work to keep "sweat" / small spill amounts of water in the mesh and not pass through) before it can drain out the grommet. Also, IMHO, if anything gets through, most electronics are pretty good with small spills / etc (I know I have spilled things on my phone / computer, etc).

    Ultimately, the only good safe place for a liquid container is outside of the bag - something like the Ego, Super Ego and Brain Bag (I also sometimes hold my water bottle in the exterior elastic mesh of the Smart Alec and there is the lower modular pocket as well).

    For me, I invest in a lockable bottle like the Contigo mugs and water bottles (but still test for tightness of the seal). But I do like the ziplock bag or stuff sack idea (especially given that you could hook it to the O-ring in the Synapse bottle pocket and prevent your mug from accidentally falling out (I am clumsy and have a few dented mugs as a result! ). This would work great in the Synapses ... I feel another purchase order on its way ...

    Hope this helps

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