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    Securely carrying a Macbook Air 11 with Incipio case


    Soon I am going to want to start biking to the train station and carry my Macbook Air 11.6 with me. The path will be on a mountain bike through the town forest so I want to securely carry my laptop (no shifting or bouncing allowed).

    I am considering a Ristretto or a cache inside my Synapse 19 backpack. I have a slight preference for the 13" Macbook Air because it stores a bit more but I am concerned that the Macbook will slide. Has anyone dealt with this?

    One difficultly is that my 11.6" Macbook Air has with this Incipio hard case: Incipio MacBook 11-inch feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case - Matte Iridescent Teal: Computers & Accessories

    I really like the case but the Macbook can no longer fit in the vertical Air11 cache.

    Does anyone have experience with which cache works well for that laptop plus case?


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    @dsmking I don't have a good answer for you for the current generation caches and the 11" MacBook Air+shell or case. I wrote a reply post about the 13" MacBook cache models. Are you using your original Synapse (without rails)? And I assume that when you say you have a slight preference for the 13" MacBook Air, you're referring to the model of the Ristretto, and not to the laptop.

    First, if you're only looking to get a cache that will accommodate the laptop+case, it's possible that you'll be able to use the current horizontal cache for the 11" MacBook Air, based on my experience with the current generation of 13" MacBook caches. Secondly, if you can find one of the previous generation caches made with denser foam, either in the regular cache or the cache with rails model for the 11" MacBook Air/iPad when that model first came out, those caches that were sold roughly up through the time when the first iPad Mini was released have a less tight fit, and can accommodate a case. (I bought a horizontal cache for someone with an 11" MacBook Air at this time, and know that this is true for the 11" models as well as for my 13" MacBook Air caches made of the denser foam.)

    I don't have experience with the current generation Ristrettos since mine are Cordura, but I'd guess you might find the laptop compartment of the Ristretto for the 13" MacBook Air a bit uncomfortably long for an 11" MacBook Air. On the other hand, the Ristretto for 11" MacBook Air is comfortably sized for use with either an 11" MacBook Air or an iPad.

    Maybe someone with more direct experience with current model caches and Ristrettos of this size can comment.


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