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    Best bag for weekend travel?

    Hey all,

    This forum was so helpful when I purchased my first TB bag (an aubergine/wasabi aeronaut) that I was hoping to "exploit" it again for advice... I have another crazy summer of travel ahead. I will be driving out of state to take classes for a few weeks. I'm not limited by space since I will have my car, but I think the aeronaut should still suffice given that I will have laundry access.

    But, there are some weekends where I will be flying with very quick turnarounds for conferences/etc. I'll need to pack dressy clothes/shoes, my laptop, and the usual stuff for a weekend trip. I could take the aeronaut, but given that I land on Fri, present on Sat, and depart on Sun - I find the aeronaut too big/bulky for these trips and my laptop does not feel secure (slides around).

    I'm on a limited budget (constant state for a doctoral student - ha), so I like the WF for the price, but I think the tri-star might be more versatile? All of this to ask:

    1. Do any of you use the aeronaut for short weekend trips with a laptop? If so, how do you secure your laptop?
    2. If you were in my position, what would you suggest - make the aeronaut work, get a WF or a tri-star, or wait for the mini-aeronaut?
    3. Random - for those of you with multiple TB bags, did you get them all in the same colorway or in different colors? Just curious!

    Sorry for the long-winded thread!

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    When I travel for a short trip, I normally use only my Tri-Star with a smaller bag in the middle compartment for meetings etc. I think you could easily get away with the Aeronaut, but you might be on to something by waiting for the smaller version.

    I am pretty picky when it comes to the color of my bags. I stick to black for 90% of what I purchase. First, I like black and second I feel it works for my in my profession.
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    1. I don't have an Aeronaut.

    2. If you can manage an Aeronaut, I would go for a Tri-Star if you want to carry clothes plus a laptop - in my admittedly limited experience, you'll really be pushing it to fit everything into a Western Flyer. Your laptop would be snug and safe in the Tri-Star's middle section, with clothes, etc packed in the two outer sections. Otherwise you'll need a WF plus a laptop bag (e.g. a Cadet or Co-Pilot), which will be more expensive.

    FYI: I just returned my TriStar as it was too big for my needs - the WF is about as heavy as I can manage. But YMMV...

    3. I have a limited selection of colourways that revolves around green/purple/neutral, so everything coordinates even if it's not identical. To some extent it's limited by what's currently available from TB - so for example I went with black/wasabi for my WF, which goes well with either aubergine/wasabi or black/iberian, or even black dyneema.
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    The Tri-Star should be perfect for your weekend trips plus it's such a versatile bag it can play many roles. I use my Tri-Star for week long business trips with two suits (along with a briefcase for computer and non-clothing items) and I am sure the Tri-Star will work for my planned two week trip to England in August. In fact, my Aeronaut now mostly sits in the closet. The Aeronaut is a great bag but I find the Tri-Star more flexible and it will easily accomodate your computer and business items in one of the compartments for a short weekend trip.

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    I use my Aeronaut. My laptop goes into a cache which goes into my messenger bag/day bag which goes into the main compartment of the Aeronaut.
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    I think it depends on your laptop size. If you have a thin 13", you could easily fit a laptop in a cache plus clothes and shoes in a Western Flyer. If you need to carry your laptop in a larger case, the the Tristar would be best.
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    I have a 14" Sony Vaio so it sounds like the tri-star would be ideal... too bad that when I'm ready to pull the trigger, the aubergine/wasabi goes on backorder. Sigh. =(

    Maybe it's good that the decision was made for me since I don't *really* need a new bag.

    Thanks for all the comments/advice!

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