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    Co-pilot internal dimensions

    Point me there if it's on their site, but I couldn't find it: I'm looking for the internal dimensions of the co-pilot to see if one of my unlisted laptops will fit. It measure 11.5 x 7.5". It looks like it will fit, but it depends on padding, etc. It's a Dell Venue 11 Pro with the typing keyboard, so about the size of an MS Surface.

    Thanks, all!


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    Just found a YouTube video of letter size paper in this bag, so I think I'm good to go! Sorry for the unnecessary post.

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    It appears that the venue with keyboard is approximately the sme size as the 11" MBA. See this thread on the fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamki View Post
    It appears that the venue with keyboard is approximately the sme size as the 11" MBA. See this thread on the fit.
    A web search for the Dell Venue 11 Pro dimensions appears to give 280 x 177 x 10.0 mm
    11" MacBook Air dimensions: 300 x 192 x 17 mm

    Since people have reported fitting in the longer 11" MacBook Air in a Cache into the Co-Pilot, this seems good to go.

    And yes, you can read more about the limits on carrying letter size paper and A4 paper in the thread, a video demonstrating that you can carry letter size paper in the co-pilot, which contains both the video that @maverick produced, and the forum discussions. The problem most people have is with standard letter size file folders getting dog-eared.


    ETA: You can also read the recent thread, Need help with Co-Pilot & paper documents to see the questions that crop up about carrying letter size paper in the Co-Pilot.
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