I am wondering how the TSA security checkpoints work with a Synapse (either size) and a Cache, at security checkpoints I am always told to make sure my laptop is in a separate bin by itself. How does the backpack + Cache work? With my Tri-Star I think I may find it hard to push all the bins and the backpack with the Cache pulled out, plus the Tri-Star all at the same time, and many times now it seems that the bags are pushed through by a TSA agent as I have already been lined up for scanning. It also seems like the rollers would cause issues with the Cache and bag being out. And finally, I am a bit worried about having the main compartment of the Synapse open while going through the belt.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience on this?

Edit: I did attempt a search, but feel free to answer back with a link if I missed another similar post on this!