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    Large Cafe Bag as Packing Cube in Aeronaut?

    I have a family trip coming up in August and will use my Aeronaut as the main clothing bag on the trip (as a carry on ).

    I was looking at the packing cube backpack (I have the Tristar one which I love) as it's useful to get double duty out of any packing cube I use. Seems more efficient.

    I just noticed though that the dimensions of the large cube are very similar to the large cafe bag. I have 2 large cafe bags on order so am now wondering if I could use one of those as a packing cube.

    Anyone use a large cafe bag as a packing cube in an aeronaut? Any thoughts?

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    I've done it but it's not the most efficient use of space.
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    That's an interesting idea!

    For me, part of what makes the packing cubes work so well is being able to zip them shut - specially when I want to squeeze a lot into them. I don't know how well the Large Cafe Bag will do that.

    The great thing about the packing cube backpack is that the straps are fairly thin - so they aren't in the way when you turn it inside out to use as a packing cube. The shoulder strap on the Large Cafe Bag is going to be thicker, so that also makes it a less ideal choice as a packing cube, at least for me.

    You could certainly pack the Large Cafe Bag inside the Aeronaut - it will fit nicely inside the Aeronaut provided you have the space!

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    I've actually slid packing cubes inside my LCB and then packed the whole thing. The Aeronaut cubes are somewhat deeper, though, so maybe not. I think I did this with my Eagle Creek Specter cubes.

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    I love you guys, you've just given me 1 more excuse to have more than 1 SCB, MCB, LCB!

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