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    Synapse Pocket Sizes

    Iíve got a Synapse 25 in Dyneema and was thinking over the weekend I might like a slightly smaller version in cordura. So, after checking Synapse 19 availability I realize my options are sort of limited right now, but I still have a quick question.

    So, obviously the main compartment and lower front pocket are different sizes. However, I was curious if the four upper pockets are the same size in both bags?

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    I only have the S19, but looking at the photos I think all its pockets are smaller than on the S25. The little centre one isn't much different, but the other three are quite a bit taller on the S25 and just a touch wider

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    My 19 side pockets measure about the same as th 25 pockets but when I stick my hand in both the 19 feels a smidge smaller. If your 25 pockets are not stuffed you'd be fine with a 19.

    The water bottle pocket of both is 10 inches deep and the zipper length is the same on both.
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    I found a couple of reviews commenting on the pocket sizes of the Synapse 25 compared to the 19 that may be of some help. The links are as follows:

    Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Backpack Review - Bigger and Better!
    Tom Bihn Synapse 25 review: Upsizing a classic laptop/iPad backpack | Macworld

    Generally, the reviews say that the main compartment and the bottom compartment are where there is the most gain in volume. The side pockets also are incrementally bigger. The middle water bottle pocket is of similar depth because you still want to keep your bottle closer to the top to make it easy to take in and out.

    Hope this helps

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