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    Lightbulb Synapse Starter Kit

    I just ordered a new Synapse 19 in Parapack Black/Steel yesterday, and while I'm yelling (internally) with giddy excitement, I've been perusing these forums for how to first adjust the straps, how to use the little pockets on the sides, and general MacGyver tips on making the most of a Synapse (because it's impossible to make use of all of it...)

    That got me thinking, since there's been a lot of love and tears and words spilled over Synapse uses in these forum, and because it seems that everyone and their uncle on this forum has at least one, maybe there should be a thread that functions as a how-to guide for a Synapse first-user, like me. It'll also probably be useful even for people who've had Synapses for years - I'm reminded of the post of the dude who just recently found out that a Synapse is designed for one-shoulder carry as well.

    So, what are some tips and tricks people have for prepping, enjoying, using, abusing, and taking care of a Synapse (19 and 25, let's say)? Think of it as What to Expect When You're Expecting (a Synapse). I don't have any kids, and I'm not planning on having any, because the Synapse will be mine!

    And who knows, if this thread blows up, we can create "Starter Kits" for other bags as well!

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    Good idea for a thread! My one piece of advice is "use the bottom pocket." It holds a lot! You can put your jacket there, or your lunch, or 2-3 organize pouches. My second piece of advice is "wear it out in the rain." It's a free bath for your bag and your stuff will stay dry.

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    I remember a couple of folks not having Synapse love at first sight. They were offered the following advice, give it a few days. It almost always takes a few days to get "moved in to" a new bag. It takes some time to make it your own. I have 2 S19s and an S25 and love them all. One holds equipment for my favorite hobby, one is used for quick/all day outings and my S29 is my winter everyday bag.
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    Try it with and without the sternum strap. The new wider strap placement is, I think, designed to suit a wider range of builds, so it'll depend on your shape as to whether it feels more comfortable with or without the sternum strap. Or you may find you can do without for light loads but need it for heavy ones.
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    There are some great videos regarding packing the Synapses. One that I saw after I placed my order was 2 medium Tristar packing cubes fit perfectly into the main compartment of the Synapse (forgot which one it was) and the Snake Charmer fitted perfectly into the bottom pocket.
    So I might be ordering those on my next order. I have both and I love them both!!!!

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    I have a S19 and S25. Currently I love the S25 more...but only bc I currently need the larger bag. The S25 is my "day at the park bag with three kids" bag and it is fantastic. I use 2 SE as organizers'--one with my wallet and other important things in the main compartment, and the other as a diaper kit in the bottom compartment. The left side pocket holds the 311 bag with first aid stuff, sunscreen (small tube), food shears, hand wipes, shout wipes, ect. The other side pocket usually holds a knit project in a SYSS. Then the larger water bottle pocket holds my park pass in a OW. Additionally, in the main pocket I can fit 2 large beach towels, a change of clothing for all the kids, and a bag of small toys/snacks. I use either a large or small shop bag to bring snacks in, plus drinks.

    I removed the waist strap immediately. I won't need that in day to day life. I am thinking of removing the sternum clips too, bc I haven't needed to use them yet. They would be handy though for times when I would be wearing it for more than 30 minutes.

    I love the S25 and can't wait to try it on a trip with the kids. I could easily get all the clothes and most of their toiletries in it, and the. Have a fantastic day bag that can hold everything we need.

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    I'm not a backpack person, but came to love S19 in dyneema when I went to Rome this year. I cinched the waist strap tight and slipped it over a small roller bag in the airport. It was comfortable to wear as a pack. Tried the Web Dominator clips for corralling extra straps, but preferred velcro. Someone posted a beautiful set of pix for wrapping the straps.

    Love using the SE (dyneema, with double-carabiner clips) for a plane bag/essentials and 3D organizer for 3-1-1 toiletries. They can go in several pockets & places in the S19, which makes for flexibility if you (have to) overstuff the dang thing on the return trip home.
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