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    swift: ideas for an insert for computer?

    I have a cache on order but just putting a cache in a dyneema bag ain't enough. I am looking for an insert like a camera bag padded rectangle that will give additional protection as well as help the bag stand up. It's floppy.

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    Do you mean like the Brain Cell?



    FWIW, I carry my MBA in a Cache in all sorts of bags (Dyneema and Cordura) and I've never had trouble. The Cache is thin and light but perfectly adequate for normal, everyday jostling.

    As for helping a Swift stand up, I don't think you'll be able to reliably do that with any sort of laptop insert. A Ballistic Swift will have more structure and shape but that bag is designed for yarn so it flexes to accommodate its contents.
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    I know but sometimes I keep patterns on my MBP and want to show my buddies on knitting group nights. So something stiff. will look at the ones you mentioned.

    anyone using swift as camera bag?

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