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    Bag Selection for Upcoming Trip

    Hey there!

    I'm taking a quick trip this weekend, and I'm having a little trouble picking which bags to bring, so I'd love some input.

    First, the list of available bags:
    * Aeronaut
    * TriStar
    * Western Flyer
    * Co-Pilot
    * Smart Alec
    * Ristretto
    * Various Stuff Sacks
    * Various Yarn Stuff Sacks
    * Various 3D Organizer Cubes
    * Various Packing Cubes, including Backpacks and Shoulder Bag
    * Travel Tray
    * Several ChicoBags grocery bags
    * ChicoBags sling bag
    * Canvas grocery bags

    Right, so now that we've established I've got way too many bags...

    This is going to be an unusual packing trip for me. I'm bringing some gifts that I'll have to check, but I don't want to check on my way home. I'll also be bringing a fair amount of fresh produce that I don't want to check. My CSA delivery is just a few hours before my flight, so the plan is that I'll bring the veggies with me and we'll use them for the party this weekend.

    What I'm leaning toward at the moment is packing my clothes and whatnot in the Aeronaut along with the gifts, and checking that bag, and then using something else as my carry-on for the veggies. I'd like it to be fairly contained (so not just a grocery bag) but also squishable so I can just shove it (Empty) into one end of the Aeronaut for the flight back.

    I don't have a formal packing list quite yet, but I expect it to be something like this:

    * Veggies (for those of you familiar with CSAs, this is a single one-week share, mostly greens)
    * 2 3D cubes
    * Medium knitting stuff sack with my knitting project du jour (carry on)
    * Kindle (carry on)
    * Surface (carry on)
    * Swimsuit
    * 3-4 travel dresses
    * Undergarments
    * Gifts (they're a blanket and a first aid kit)
    * Snacks (carry on)

    Right now I'm thinking maybe I could put the veggies into a couple Chicobags and then try to cram them into the Aeronaut packing cube backpack, then do the Co-Pilot for the knitting and kindle and such.

    I'd love any input or suggestions! I can do a trial-pack tonight for everything but the veggies, if that would help.
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    I agree that the PCBP is probably your best bet, with whatever bags inside that are most squishable - I'm not familiar with Chicobags, but anything thin that protects the veg a bit will help. And the Co-Pilot should have space for the few personal items you need - I'm using a Pilot for a similar purpose on a long-haul flight, hence more bits and pieces needed!
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    Could you do an Aeronaut Carry-on / Smart Alec personal item combo? Use a PCBP to hold you veggies (in Chicobags or even large Stuff Sacks if you want) in the Smart Alec and use the PCSB and/or Co-Pilot to hold your Kindle, Surface, etc in the Smart Alec? With the Smart Alec volume, you may even be able to get away with using a Tri-Star. The Smart Alec should also fit the personal sizer if packed "fatter" rather than wider.

    Another option is Tri-Star Carry-on / Western Flyer personal item (another user posted that the Western Flyer fits into the personal sizer if not fully packed.

    Hope this helps

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    I think it depends on how much organization you need. I really like the Tri-Star for the organization, but I honestly think you could fit most everything in the Aeronaut sans the carry-on items and your veggies. Do you think the PCBP would be big enough for the veggies (in either the Chicobags or large Stuff Sacks like tpnl suggested) and your carry-on items? If so, I don't think you'd need to check the Aeronaut unless you really wanted to. The other option is to check the Aeronaut. Put your carry-on items in the Co-Pilot and put the veggies in the PCBP as your overhead carry-on. Since you'll be using the veggies, that frees up space in your PCBP for the items you'll be bringing back with you.

    Have fun this weekend!
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    Thank you all for the feedback!

    After carefully considering the bus schedule, the flight time, and the CSA pickup time, I concluded that I wouldn't actually have time to pick up the veggies, which is sad. (Fear not -- a friend picked them up, so they weren't wasted!) So I ended up just fitting everything into the Aeronaut and checking that. (Part of the gift was not carry-on-friendly, so I had to check, unfortunately.) It's very weird flying with just my Co-Pilot as my carry-on. It feels all ultra-minimal and leaves me daydreaming about doing a full trip with just a Co-Pilot or a Pilot. That won't happen when I'm packing baby presents, but maybe some other trip.

    I'm going to be taking another trip in September when I WILL in fact have time to pick up the CSA share immediately prior to heading down to the airport. That trip is going to heavily involve vegetables (I'm flying home to spend a long weekend canning with my mama!) so I will definitely want to bring the veggies. So as of right now, I think the plan, based on feedback above, will be to use either the WF/TS BPPC or the Aeronaut BPPC for the veggies as my "personal item" and the corresponding bag as my "carry-on" for that flight. I know it's a few months away, but I'll try to update this thread again when I try that to let y'all know how it goes.
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    Would love to see what your final packing list was for copilot as carry-on!

    That sounds like a dream. I bet your seat mates were wondering where all your stuff was.

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