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    Overpack an Aeronaut

    Western Flyer large cube:
    3 collared dress shirts
    2 cotton undershirts
    1 pair dress khakis
    Ex Officio boxers, not sure how many I rolled in there (TMI?). At least 6.

    Aeronaut large cube:
    3 golf shirts
    1 pair golf pants
    1 pair golf shorts
    2 drifit workout shirts
    2 drifit field shorts
    3 cotton tee shirts for pajamas (TMI?)

    End full fabric cube:
    1 pair of dress shoes
    1 pair dress socks
    2 pair athletic socks

    Loose in main compartment:
    Medium padded pouch with charging equipment and spare charging battery
    1 pair board shorts

    2nd end compartment:
    3D cube with 3-1-1
    Kit with toiletries, etc
    Oakley sunglasses in hard case
    Pair swim goggles

    Additional Side Effect w airplane seat stuff.

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    That doesn't sound too overpacked. What did that kit end up weighing?
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    I'm 6', 200+morethanIcaretosay. I wear things loose, so my clothes are big. It was pretty full. I can't really say how much it weighed, but it really didn't bulge. It wasn't exactly light, but I walked the length of PHX Airport with the backpack straps out because I had nothing better to do for an hour and it wasn't too bad. I probably should've titled the thread more accurately, like "How to Overpack for 4 Days of Golf at Your Parents, Who Have a Washer and Dryer, Using an Aeronaut."
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