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    Books in Bags - or - Protecting your Paperbacks

    I always have a little paperback book of crossword puzzles in my bag, and often another random paperback book. My books always get beat up in the bags, though. How do you protect your paperbacks in your bags?

    I've started thinking that maybe an organizer pouch is what I need. Does anyone do that?

    I'd love to hear what everyone else does!
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    I have a couple of extra Soft Cells (old version of Cache) that I always have in my bags. It adds a nice bit of structure and a safe place to put paper items. A bit bulky, but very light. I like the ability to slide the paper items in and out easily. Harder to do that with a pouch. Also, I tend to use vertical orientation bags (LCB, S19, Shop Bag) so the horizontal orientation of the pouches don't work for me as well. I would dearly love a large organizer pouch in a vertical orientation.

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    Some people have used Stuff Sacks which I though was genius.

    I do think that a smaller paperback fits very well in the Medium Pouch.

    I forgot, the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag is great to protect bigger paperbacks or hardcover books.
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    I use OPs. You will probably want cordura ones or ballistic/cordura backed-DOPs in large... And 1000d is better than 500d for this purpose.

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    I use a ziplock bag to protect the edges when I shove the book into my pack/WF/whatever I'm carrying that day.

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    I second the medium organizer pouch comment. I have one with a clear front that works well for a standard sized paperback.

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