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    Cool What are your favorite accessories?

    I'm contemplating my next accessory purchase, trying to decide what would be the best fit for me. This got me thinking of my fellow T-Bihnions: what are your best accessories and why? Does your fave accessory have multiple uses or does it do one thing extremely well? Fire away!!
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    I like the padded organizer pouches for carrying small electronics and tablets. I also like the large double organizer pouch for carrying magazines, folders, papers and even small books.

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    Silly, but the keystraps are my favorite thing. So simple and make life so much easier. (And can be used on other (non-TB) bags, too.) A 3D Mesh organizer for laptop accessories. And I liked my shop bag, but wife stole it and I can't get it back.

    Just got a travel tray; haven't traveled with it, but it's working nicely on my desk as a papers-and-stuff organizer.

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    Having at least one travel tray is really good for travel and for emptying pockets at the end of the day.

    I am a big fan of Dyneema small and medium organizer pouches for flash drives, medicine, pens.

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    Travel Tray because it morphs from a stuff sack to something that looks good on a work station, mesh organizer cube, and small double zip organizer pouch. I love the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag a lot too. I use it as a lunch bag and to carry a change of clothes and shoes.

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    Oh, boy! How much time do I have? Favorites....
    1. Travel tray: i have 3. One for my desk, one for my nightstand and one for travel.
    2. Organizer wallet for use as, well, a wallet
    3. Clear packing cubes, because I like to know/see what's in them without having to open them up. One for cables, chargers, plugs, and travel power strip. One for 3-1-1. One for clothing care and one for a First Aid kit and meds. These are used for both travel and storage at home.
    4. Q kit (keep one in car and one in my EDC) for coins
    5. OPs (one kept in car with coffee card, library card, COSTCO card, etc.), one kept in desk with rarely used store credit cards.
    6. Double organizer pouch lives in glove box of car and holds insurance info, car registration, pen, and paper).
    7. Four large shop bags, 2 small in daily use, for schlepping groceries and the detritus of life.
    8. Pencil pouches for pencils, leads, erasers, page markers, highlighters, etc. for classes I take.

    I'm running out of steam...I'm SURE there's more, but my brain has called for a hiatus.
    The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.

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