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    Question about the size of the Synapse 19

    I just purchased a Synapse 19. Will a camera insert of exterior dimensions of 10.5"L X 7"H X 4"D fit flat in the main pocket?


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    First of all, welcome to the forum.

    I can fit an XS Timbuk2 Snoop insert snugly into a PCSB, which has dimensions slightly smaller than the insert. While someone else here should be able to do an actual comparison for you (I don't have an S19), your insert is sized within the dimensions of the S19 and should be fine, with a bit of front to back space but not much side to side. My question however, is what do you mean by fitting "flat"? Don't you want it to be 3 dimensional to accept camera gear? I feel I'm missing something...

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    Sorry, I meant fit lying horizontally in the bottom so that the opening is facing up. I knew it would fit vertically with the opening to the side, but then I would have to take it out of the Synapse to actually use it.

    Thanks for the help. I am gong to go ahead and order the insert.

    By the way, I just realized that Tapatalk created a new account on the forum, rather than using my existing one. Thanks for the welcome, although I have actually been here for a while already. Almost three days.

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