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  1. Daylight backpack fits a Macbook pro retina "15


    I got my daylight backpack today. I'm very happy with it and the parapack inside puts an extra touch.

    Just wanted to point out that the Macbook "15 inch fit just fine, even with a sleeve...
  2. Thread: New Bags!

    by zuyzuy

    Founder's Suitcase Material Strong?

    I think this Founders briefcase is great! I was looking for a new soft case that would accommodate my macbook and other electronics for my commute. I wish they had more picture of the other color...
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    Some great feedback here at this forum. Thanks. ...

    Some great feedback here at this forum. Thanks.

    The idea is that it will be a Video review not a written one. The Video I put up was just a placeholder for Youtube. I was just testing the time...
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    Thanks a bunch!

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Thanks for the feedback. It is indeed greatly...

    Thanks for the feedback. It is indeed greatly appreciated.

    The Grammar is right out bad because I'm not English.. and yes my writing sucks! But, I'm sure people will extract value from it still! ...
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    Need Help to create Brain Bag Review

    I need some help from this forum to create my review. The full review is probably not going to be finished before a few months after really challenging this bag. These are my thoughts so far... And I...
  7. Thank you Darcy, I am learning there are more...

    Thank you Darcy,

    I am learning there are more variables than I initially thought.

    So the boxes are normally used to attach something in the middle of a fabric panel to reduce stress on the...
  8. Thoughts on the Stitching Workmanship on Tom Bihn Bags

    I am not a Seamstress or a Tailor. But when I look at the different bags I have it raises questions on how much they can really hold up to.

    For example I noticed that the Red Oxx bags are using a...
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    Smart Alex or Synapse

    Ooops.. My post disappeared, here is another one. If it shows up twice.. I guess Iíll go back and delete one of them.

    I would recommend you the Synapse for sure. Personally I donít like to look...
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    My Shipment Arrived!!

    Hey Guys,

    I got my shipment two days earlier than scheduled. Thanks to everybody that gave me advice on choosing the Dynema. I think this is the fabric for the future!

    My First impression is:...
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    Thank you Frank. That was an excellent review....

    Thank you Frank. That was an excellent review. Also thank you all for chiming in.

    I went on 1 month trip last year with a Red Oxx SkyTrain and a MEI Voyageur bag. I tested between both of them.....
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    Aeronout Dyneema vs Ballistic ?

    This is the hardest thing ever. I keep changing my shopping cart because I never seem to be able to make a decision.

    1. I decided to get a Synapse in Dyneema for sure.

    2. I am getting an...
  13. Hi Darcy, Thank you very much for such a...

    Hi Darcy,

    Thank you very much for such a comprehensive answer. You illuminated a lot of good angles.

    It seems like I am going for an Aeronout. I am happy to hear that it does not have Cordura.....
  14. Brain Bag Cordura 1000d Dust collector? Why Not 500d?

    I am considering getting a Brain Bag, however, my experience with 1000d Cordura is that it collects dog and cat hair and other debris. Does the Brain Bag do that?

    Also, why doesn't Tom Bihn use...
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