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    My First Tom Bihn Bag

    This beauty arrived on my porch today. I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw the package. I LOVE the new Dyneema and don't miss the diamond pattern like I thought I would. Now I'm off to...
  2. I love it!! I must admit, I am sad to see that...

    I love it!! I must admit, I am sad to see that the diamond pattern will be going away in the 400d dyneema... I think that is part of what makes the dyneema so cool. But, I love the new color and I...
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    Hooray! Any idea when that might be? Was that...

    Hooray! Any idea when that might be? Was that included in the mid-October time frame you mentioned before? Also, have the Synapse colors originally being discussed on this thread been announced (is...
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    Dyneema Copilot

    Is this still the plan? I was so sad to realize that after falling in love with the Steel Dyneema Copilot pictured on its information page, it was not available for purchase! I called a couple of...
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