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    Pannier bags

    I'd love to see Tom offer pannier bags (bags that clip to bike racks). Cycling is getting much more popular, and a good set of waterproof panniers can be quite expensive, without always being...
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    This was a really nice surprise. I saw the...

    This was a really nice surprise. I saw the envelope and thought, "Uh oh -- I hope I didn't 'drink-and-order-from-Tom-Bihn.'"
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    Sleeves/cases for new Kindle?

    As the proud parent of a new third-generation Kindle, I am curious about any Tom Bihn plans to produce sleeves or cases designed for it. I am guessing that the new Kindle would fit in the medium...
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    Any news?

    Any update on the diaper bag insert for the Lux? We will be needing a diaper bag no later than August 19th!
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    How about inserts?

    One solution would be to sell a camera insert that would affix to the inside of a Bihn bag using the connectors already there for the laptop sleeves.
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    I now have empirical evidence of one problem with the vertical zippers. A few minutes ago, I got a phone call from someone who found my checkbook on the street. It turns out that I had forgotten to...
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    Super Ego Suggestion

    Having lived with my Super Ego for a few months, I have a better handle on what I like and I don't like about it. I like almost everything. But there's one feature that I really miss from my ID...
  8. Thread: New Super Ego

    by Moosecat

    I've been the happy owner of a bouncing new Super...

    I've been the happy owner of a bouncing new Super Ego bag for a few weeks now. I don't have my own full review, but I did append a comment to the glowing review currently posted at The Gadgeteer.
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    The Bihn Lunchbox

    That's my brainstorm for the day: A Tom Bihn lunchbox. A soft-sided, insulated enclosure, maybe with a loop on the inside for securing a can or a small thermos. Roughly the size and shape of the...
  10. Woo-hoo! I see the status has changed to "in...

    Woo-hoo! I see the status has changed to "in stock" on the product info page. That means my wife either (i) has my birthday present in hand, or (ii) will have it soon.

    She won't tell me, and she...
  11. Super Ego

    Am I correctly concluding from the Super Ego description on the site that there is no zipper pocket on the outside of the flap itself (a la ID Bag)?

    I would love to have a little pocket there, as...
  12. Super Ego shots

    I agree -- we need interior pictures. Also, maybe a picture of the bag stuffed with stuff. top open?
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    Consumer Reports Blurb on TB

    I apologize if someone else has already pointed this out, but I haven't seen it: Tom Bihn made the inside back cover of Consumer Reports this month. I can't find it online, for linking, but there...
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    I used to have a laptop case called a Wetsuit...

    I used to have a laptop case called a Wetsuit that functioned just as you describe. It was a "play-through" case that you never needed to remove the computer from, and was made of neoprene (wetsuit...
  15. Wow. The Super Ego looks very cool. (I am such...

    Wow. The Super Ego looks very cool. (I am such a nerd for repeatedly checking for these pics today.)

    Will the Ego slot between the ID and the Super Ego in size?
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    I saw fit to plug the new bag here...

    I saw fit to plug the new bag here.

    I do believe that, under universal principles of fairness, that entitles me to a free bag, and a free Mac mini to go with it.

    Please forward said merchandise...
  17. All I know is that we were promised Messenger...

    All I know is that we were promised Messenger Bags of Mass Storage, and now, months later, we still have seen no hard evidence of such MBMS. Oh, sure, we know that Tom Bihn has the capacity to...
  18. C'mon!

    We're dyin' here! My ID Bag, while my best shoulder-borne friend, needs a sibling. At least let us see a pic of the baby.

    I was, unrelatedly, really bummed out to see that the Smart Alec is...
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