Hi! I am planning to make my first Tom Bihn purchase and get the Synapse 25 and was also looking to get some packing cubes. I did read many posts on the forum about using the tristar medium cube. I was wondering if the tristar large cube would be a good fit if I insert in such that the longer side aligns with the height of the bag.

I also have a question regarding the adaptability of the large tristar cube. On a shorter trip when I do not have enough clothes to fill up the packing cube, can I fill half of it and fold over the empty part essentially creating a smaller cube ?

I am also planning to get the 15 inch retina macbook pro cache and the S25 FS. Can I fit the following combinations comfortably in the S25 or would these be tight fits ?

1) cache + FS + 1 large tristar cube
2) cache + 2 large tristar cube
3) cache + 1 large tristar cube
4) FS + 2 large tristar cubes

Looking forward to your responses!