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    Quote Originally Posted by sujo View Post
    I have a very large set of headphones that I use at home (not travel) but I store them in a No. 3 Travel Stuff Sack and it's a roomy fit. They do not fit in a No. 2. They also fit in a NFTD packing cube, so would probably fit in a mini Yeoman packing cube.
    Quote Originally Posted by bltkmt View Post
    Thanks - I was looking at that mini Yeoman cube...seems like perfect dimensions.
    The Mini Yeoman Duffel Aether Packing Cubes should hold most standard over-ear headphones. If you have larger, Studio grade models with large, non-flexing headbands (e.g., maybe like the old Sennheiser HD 280s), you might have to go to the Small size YD packing cube. The main features of the Yeoman Duffel Packing Cubes is that they have more depth than almost all other packing cube options, and they also have a pair of handles to make pulling out and carrying the cubes easy. As a quick mental reference, the Mini size YD packing cube holds most standard lunch boxes. Here's a picture that I posted in the Travel Cubelet thread to answer questions about how the Travel Cubellet fit into the Night Flight Travel Duffel (NFTD) end pockets:

    The Mini YD packing cube is a good approximation to the depth of the NFTD end pockets, since it fits entirely inside that compartment, and makes it easier to see relative depth occupied by the Travel Cubelet than simply a picture shot of the Travel Cubelet inside the end compartment (also included in my linked post)

    You can although think outside of the box for more solutions to storing headphones: @bltkmt, I recall that you got the Smart Alec (even in original Nordic Halcyon). If the ear cups on your headphones turn flat, you might find the Smart Alec Upper Modualr Pocket, particularly if you have this in Dyneema/Halcyon, a near perfect fit for your headphones. I have the old Bose QC 2 noise canceling headphones and case. These are the old model that uses AAA batteries, and are over ear, but the over-ear sections turn to lay flat, although you can't rearrange these into another shape the way you can with the QC 25 and QC 35 models, as shown in @bartleby's pictures. The Bose QC 2 Noise Canceling headphones in their case fit into the Mini Yeoman Duffel Aether Packing Cube, but only occupies a little less than half the depth.

    If I take those QC 2 headphones out of their case, I can carry them in my New Black Halcyon Smart Alec Upper Modular Pocket as an almost perfect fit, and use the pockets in that Upper Modular Pocket to store the headset connection adapters, etc. It will almost take the headphones in their hard case, but the squared bottom right corner of the case means that I would stress the UMP zipper if I tried to zip it shut around that corner. The Smart Alec UMP is also shown in one of the pictures in my linked Travel Cubelet post for comparison size. Another pouch option for headsets with cups that turn flat like my Bose QC 2, is to get one of the Black Halcyon Side Pockets for the Hero's Journey. They're slightly shorter and a bit longer than the Side Kick (more rectangular and less squarish), and don't have the interior organizational pockets of the Side Kick, but they do have a zipper and a couple of O-rings, so they can make it easier to carry around headphones and their small connector accessories than using a Travel Stuff Sack. You'd probably want to clip off the Gatekeeper clips that let this be hooked onto the Hero'Journey sides, although I've been experimenting with hooking this into the Smart Alec in the location of the Lower Modular Pocket (the Gatekeeper clip spacings aren't the same on top and bottom, so only one side naturally fits the Smart Alec webbing loop spacing -- you'd have to use longer size clips on the other side).

    Personally, I now use the Bose QC20 earbud style for noise cancellation. Although I don't find other in-ear models comfortable to wear, like a number of other forum users, I find that the Bose in-ear design works for me, even when other models are not comfortable. However, if I wanted to carry the old QC 2 headphones for noise cancellation, the Smart Alec Upper Modular Pocket is only about a third the thickness of the Mini Yeoman Duffel Aether Packing Cube, contains not only the headphones, but pockets for all the accessories, and, especially in Dyneema/Halcyon, is very light weight. Only mentioned as another option here because some posters in this thread like @sujo, @Rocks, @bltkmt, and @maverick are Smart Alec owners.

    For more pictures of the Yeoman Duffel Aether Packing Cubes, in use and compared to various other Tom Bihn accessories, see my pictures in the following threads:

    The New Yeoman Duffel Aether Packing Cubes

    Need pictures of interior of mini yeoman packing cube

    and just to repeat one of my Travel Cubelet post links related to the above discussion:



    ETA: This is the Bose QC2 Noise-Canceling Headphone Case in an open Mini Yeoman Duffel Violet Aether Packing Cube at the left. The headphones themselves are shown to the right of the Packing Cube, and lying on a Smart Alec Upper Modular Pocket in Black Halcyon. (They fit entirely inside the UMP, with room for other attachments; the entire hard case almost fits into the UMP). To the right is one of the Hero's Jouney Side Packs in Black Halcyon, shown for comparison.

    Accessories for Bose QC25-photo-1-jpg
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    Thanks so much, moriond - so helpful! My headphones are 7"x8" approximately, so should fit perfectly in this cube.

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    I do like the Yeoman packing cubes but can't justify getting them.

    As it turns out, my headphones are Sennheiser HD 280s. They're about 5-6 years old. Here they are in the NFTD packing cube.

    Accessories for Bose QC25-headphones-nftd-cube_open-jpg

    Accessories for Bose QC25-headphones-nftd-cube_closed-jpg

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    Just curious, would the QC35's (without a case) fit into one of the internal pockets of a Side Kick? Thanks

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