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    Water Bottle for A30

    Hi all,

    Long time reader/TB fan, first time poster!

    I am looking for a leak-proof water bottle that I can stick into one of the side pockets of the A30. Ideally it could withstand being full and moved between backpack mode and duffel mode without leaking. Bonus points for something that would also sit nicely into a Side Kick.

    I've done Internet searches but figured the forum would be the best place to get recommendations on something so specific!

    Thanks so much.

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    I've been using 16oz Nalgene bottles for decades...
    They are made in the USA and made without BPA if you care about that.

    Nalgene makes lots of laboratory equipment and then branched off into consumer products too... most of their normal screw top type bottles are guaranteed not to leak. This includes the small containers used in the Spiff kits - you can buy several sizes of those singly at REI or Container Store and probably online.

    I have these 16oz ones in several colors and keep them at work, in the car, etc. It fits in the outermost A30 pocket if you leave room for that flat pocket to expand into the main end pocket. It also fits inside a Side Kick, standing upright and inside the S19 bottle pocket.

    Over several decades I've lost a couple on planes or just misplaced somewhere, but I've only ever broken one & that was after years of dropping it onto pavement/concrete. They are very durable and fairly inexpensive.

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    Hi Ifer,

    I always travel with a 20 oz wide mouth Hydroflask because itís completely leak proof and is good for both hot and cold drinks. I throw it in my S19 every morning and itís never leaked (except when the rubber seal very rarely falls out of the cap). When I travel, I use it for coffee in the morning and water in the afternoon. It fits nicely into the end pockets of the A30. I actually usually put it inside the main compartment because my packing cubes create a little pocket of space inside that fits this bottle perfectly. As for the Sidekick, let me check...okay, back. The Hydroflask will fit, both horizontally and vertically, but it will definitely take away space in the rest of the Sidekick if itís packed full with other things, likely sacrificing some usefulness of the interior pockets. You might want to try a Vapur collapsible bottle. I havenít used mine much, but it seems like it has very reliable seals. When itís empty, it will easily fit in one of the large interior pockets of the Sidekick. When itís full, though, you might struggle to fit it in the SK. I tried to upload a couple of photos for the first time. Hopefully it worked.

    Hope this helps.


    Water Bottle for A30-8e83b299-30e5-45f3-a08f-ae54cce7a3bb-jpg

    Water Bottle for A30-c38d7945-ad4a-44c1-852c-8367b69f6967-jpg

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