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Thread: stuff sacks

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    stuff sacks

    I have a tristar and my partner has an osprey ozone (I know can not convince him to give up the wheels)

    I have all of the cubes for the Tristar but I was recently thinking about a stuff sack for each of us.
    What I was thinking of using it for would be swimwear OR t shirts.

    What can you fit into each size?

    I am thinking about two larger ones.
    How would the larger one fit into the tristar?


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    I’m not a fan of stuff sacks for the TS & WF. These bags really work well with a flat packing method that is best supported using packing cubes. A stuff sack by design is made to stuff things into which makes them round as opposed to flat. This shape doesn’t work well to optimize the thin compartments of a TS. However, they work well in bags like the A30/45 and S19/25.
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