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    How do you pack polyester shirts?

    My company just moved to polyester (the under armor/dry fit/golf type shirts) for the company shirts and they want us to wear them on the road. Up until now I packed cotton or merino wool, and could would ranger roll (youtube it if you don't know what that is) those shirts and they were nice and compact and tidy. The good thing about the polyester is they don't wrinkle and they dry fast if washed. The bad thing is, due to the material, you can't roll or fold them. They simply don't hold shape. I just back from a week long trip and all I could do was stuff them like dirty laundry into a packing cube. It absolutely drove me crazy. Sure, they don't wrinkle, but I felt out of sorts the entire trip.

    Anyone have any packing tips for these type of shirts?

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    I wear the same type of polo's when I travel for work and go to factories... I fold the shirts as shown in the link... the first 'traditional' way

    folded that way with an eagle creek folding folder/cube works well or just fold that way and put it in a packing cube that holds them in a tight stack... if they are folded neatly that way and prevented from moving around, I don't have a problem with wrinkles when I pull them out of the luggage

    EDIT: this is the packing folder if you're not familiar

    I have also taken the folded polo and folded it in half again and stacked up a couple into some of the TB packing cubes...
    The key thing is to make sure that whatever is packed is tight so that the shirts don't slide around
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    Ugh, and the worst thing about those polyester shirts is they always get a run catch. I am not a fan.

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    0 Thread(s) a donation box How do you pack polyester shirts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by InAustin View Post
    The good thing about the polyester is they don't wrinkle and they dry fast if washed. The bad thing is, due to the material, you can't roll or fold them.
    Just make sure you get some sport wash because polyester really holds onto every smell stubbornly.


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