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    Freudian Slip in an S25, how much room is there left?

    Good day all,

    For some reason, I'm considering using a Freudian Slip in the main compartment of my new GES25, instead of maybe just a Large Snake Charmer. I will also have a 15C Laptop Cache, and the Internal Frame installed.

    What I was wondering is, how much leftover space will there be, with all that stuff installed? I like to be able to pack a sweater or hoodie or Laundry Stuff Sack (great mini gym bag) also, from time to time. And I wonder if I'll still be able to do that, or if I've already used my space to its capacity?


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    You will have space. The S25 is 9.1" front to even accounting for how it's laid out, the frame, a laptop, and a FS should take 3-4" of that, depending on how thick your laptop is, etc, in the main compartment. The bottom/chin pocket can also hold a lot, depending of course on the size of your stuff.
    25L is a lot of space.
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    I second that! I also use a FS in my S25GE. I think the FS is really great for organizing office supply and papers. You‘ll still have enough space for a hoodie and other things. However, just a few suggestions: I put my laptop in the lowest pocket of the FS (oriented towards my back) and leave out the frame as both the laptop and the FS function a bit like a frame. Thus, you‘ll have even more space. I consider the frame especially useful when you don‘t have any other things in the bag that support the structure.
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