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    Quote Originally Posted by mgnsimmons3 View Post
    I love that! Wish they made that color still so I could purchase!
    Sitka is one of my favorites too! If you keep your eye on eBay and on the swap thread here, occasionally a Sitka item will show up. I didn't start buying TB stuff until around the time Sitka was discontinued, and now I have several Sitka items. (Actually one of my first TB purchases was a Sitka Large Shop Bag and I didn't like the color, so that shop bag went to the friend who turned me on to TB. Later I decided I had been very wrong about Sitka and now I have another Large Shop Bag in it as well as several other things!)
    I have a bunch of great bags. Favorite color combos include Aubergine/Island, Navy/Solar, Forest/UV, Original Halcyon/Wasabi, Cloud/Viridian.

    I've fulfilled my dream of palindromic-colored nested bags! Navy/Ultraviolet Pilot with Aubergine/Island Side Effect inside: blue purple purple blue. Forest/UV A45 with Aubergine/Wasabi Co-Pilot inside: green purple purple green.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulT00 View Post
    I don't have a travel mouse but do often take my main "use at desk" laptop mouse - a Logitech MX Master 2S, so not the smallest! - to London with me when I know I'm likely to be using my laptop at a hot desk, plugged into a big(ish) external monitor. Rather than just drop it into the A30, I put it in a Viridian Cubelet to protect it. It will also - I've just discovered - fit in a "small" Q-Kit.
    Thanks for this post! I ordered a small Q-Kit for this reason...

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    I keep my Arc Touch mouse in a 3DOC, along with headphones, charge cables, and battery pack when travelling. It gets clipped to the seatback pocket with carabiner clips inflight so I can reach everything without taking my WF out from under the seat, and I leash it with long key straps to one of the O-rings so it never gets separated from my WF.

    My EDC is a small FS in half the front pocket of the WF, I just keep the mouse in one of the pockets.

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