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    Aug 2011
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    Side Kick and the Med Cafe Bag

    Anyone ever use a Side Kick as a sort of bag liner for the medium café bag? Extra pen slots, pockets, etc with the ability to zip it up, or take out, put in another bag or have on a table...etc.??

    Wondering how that went, whether it felt too much like you were stuffing a bag within a bag...As opposed to a pouch or a FS...

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    I have both bags, for me it's a bit overkill (too many pockets and pen slots to keep track of) and adds a lot of weigh to the MCB. For me, it's hard to stack things like that in the MCB, in the end it's just worth using the SK by itself. The MCB shines when I need to carry something that size (small computer, magazine) upright. For small things, stuff in a pouch, attach to o-ring and call it a day.

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