I have seen many posts like them and enjoy them because they inspire what can be done and just how useful a good bag is.
I have been on the hunt for a new camera bag. My old one still works but it has canon stitched on the back and oft times not very useful because itís a backpack. So I went browsing and settled on the makerís bag. The bag is a great size, messenger style and made in coyote. (Coyote for life) I paired it with a Tenba BYOB 10 which fits perfectly and still allows me to use the internal water bottle pocket. Because of the O-Rings i am able to attach a Tenba battery pouch and a TB small pouch for SD cards. I am able to fit a Canon 6D and three lenses in my BYOB 10.

The best part is if I want to use my bag for something else the BYOB slides out and itís ready to go. Hope this is helpful.

The Maker's Bag Makes a Great Camera Bag-smallermakerbag-jpg