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    Water Bottle in a Daylight Briefcase

    I've been trying different strategies to carry water in a Daylight Briefcase and I knew of the flat flask style bottles made by memobottle. I had the luck to find one in a thrift store today in the A6 size which holds 375ml/12 fluid ounces. It's like it was custom made for one of the front pockets on the DLBC.

    Water Bottle in a Daylight Briefcase-dsc_0169-jpg

    I like to carry my phone in one of those pockets and I'm a little paranoid about leaks. So I tried the back pocket and it works well there too.

    Water Bottle in a Daylight Briefcase-dsc_0170-jpg

    I have a Freudian Slip from a Medium Cafe Bag and it's a custom fit in one of the mesh pockets:

    Water Bottle in a Daylight Briefcase-dsc_0171-jpg

    Caveat: I have read some reviews on flasks like this with the flat sides, they aren't as strong as a round bottle, so keep that in mind when pairing it with your electronics.

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    I use a 16oz Nalgene (leak proof) in the main compartment - stands upright at one end if I have other stuff to keep it in place.
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...

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    I have a 21oz Hydroflask that I keep in the main compartment. Like G42 said, if there's other stuff in there (which there always is!), it stays nicely tucked in place. For reference, it's 24.5cm tall, with a diameter of 7cm.

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    That's a neat bottle. It really does look like the bags were custom made for it. Thank you for sharing! elisa

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