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    Quote Originally Posted by Katsage View Post
    I do too! That is why I wanted the NW sky lining, so the island packing cube would pop. But with the island lining I could have my favorite color all the time and not just when I am using packing cubes.

    Lots to think about. Thanks for the pics and the swift reply.

    Another question. Do you still love your western flyer.? That is the bag I am contemplating in the new nebulous 525.
    I LOVE my Western Flyer!! It's great for days when I take lots of crap to the brewery for work, and for travel, and to live out of when I spend extended time at my girlfriend's place. It's with me almost everyday. It even just helped haul a bunch of stuff to a beer fest I'm pouring at. Great bag!! And I'm still absolutely in love with the Steel/Island combo. That's why I'm sad they're moving away from 1050 Do you match packing cube colors with the bag?

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    The majority of my accessories are UV and so are my bags, I can find my accessories inside my bags with no problem, colors do pop in front of NWSky.

    With the weather wondering if it is still summer or autumn is already there, I need items against sunburn and downpour, as well as the protection of zippers for my items, in case the latter shows up.

    So, I marsupialize (place other bags inside an open one, LCB, Swift or Truck)

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    I realize Iím developing a distinct preference when it comes to the color of TB bags, pouches, stuff sacks, etc. I think that over time, we all do. Iím finding that I love the more tailored tones of black, steel, nebulous grey, and NW Sky (with pops of Mars Red) for most of the exteriors, from my black S19, L15, Field Journal, and SE, to my NW Sky Large Shop Bag, and even my OG black-and-white halcyon Smart Alec and Travel Tray. So far (in terms of exteriors), my only diversions are an old Forest 3DCOC and a Verde SK. And in terms of interiors, they vary from Ultraviolet to Wasabi to old-school steel halcyon. While I like those colorways, I use them less and less ó so maybe itís time to rehome them to people who would love and appreciate them more.

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