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    One more vote for the PCSB. It may look large but it fits perfectly into a seatback pocket, is squishable, less expensive than some of your other options, AND is available in bright colors which ensure you don’t leave the plane without it. It’s my go-to use.
    Synik 22, Truck, Luminary 12 with a MCB Freudian Slip, Daylight Backpack, EDC HLT2, Side Effect or Side Effect, zippered Large and Small Shopbags, Co-Pilot, Travel Tray, Snake Charmer

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    I used my SCB on my last flight, stuffed into my S25. Once seated, I pulled the SCB out of the S25. I also used the SCB at my location for an afterhours tote. In the main compartment, carried an iPad Pro 9.7, Bose QC35 (in Bose case), a 20-oz plastic water bottle, and a bunch of snacks.

    I didn’t want to have the SCB hanging directly in front of me. I purchased an REI strap that made a closed loop and looped that through the SCB strap. On the other end of the loop, I attached a hero clip which I then hung from the seat pocket and nudged the SCB under seat. This way the SCB was out of the way and when I wanted something out of it, I pulled on the REI strap to pull the SCB up to me.
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    I use my hero clip like that too! I just hook the hero clip on the shoulder strap though - the bag can just sit under the seat and I can grab it easily. :-) Not to mention coming in super handy in the bathroom later when there was only one small hook on the door (for my A30) and I really didn't want to be trying to dodge my purse while wearing it while I peed. lolol.
    A30 - Original Halcyon/UV MB - Aubergine/NWS LCB - Original Halcyon/Wasabi! MCB - Steel dyneema/Wasabi! STT - Wasabi! SE - NORDIC/Solar TT - Sitka

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    Hearts desire: a S19 or S25 in original NORDIC.

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    Hi @jessiew,

    I think its possible to use the PCSB(packing cube shoulder bag), if you can stash your A5 notebook, iPad Mini, and Kindle Paperwhite in one half of the PCSB (this involves turning them vertically, which should work unless your A5 notebook is particularly large). Then youre left with about 8x 5.75x3 left for the headphones, and I recall @KathyH saying in another thread that (case about 8x6x1.5 - ish), for the QC 35 how much space exactly depends on the dimensions of your A5 notebook. A Moleskine is narrower. I was estimating with a Leuchtturm1917. My Clairefontaine would stress this more since its taller and wider. Other headphones would fit.

    Maybe someone else who has the QC35 and the PCSB can test this for you.

    I havent tried to used the new offset clips of the current PCSB on a plane, but if nothing else, you could rig this so that its shoulder straps suspend around the tray. Again, I bet someone else could test this (or maybe has already done so!)



    Size 3 travel stuff sack should work. I do like the packing cube shoulder bag for general usage, so you might want to try it anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rei View Post
    Thanks @moriond!
    I will try to repost them this evening (I mean this European evening so in 8-9 hours xD)
    ...more like 30h hours later

    Spoiler for old message:

    Here my second command,

    My Spiff Art Kit
    upper pocket: Color pencils + water colors
    side pocket #1: pencil sharpener + bottle cap for holding water
    side pocket #2: supplementary pencil leads + supplementary eraser
    pencil pouch #1: criterium + pencil + leads + eraser
    pencil pouch #2: ink pens with different color/thickeness
    one notebook (with an old drawing xD)
    the key-strap attached to the handle holds the pouches x)

    Spoiler for marsupialing inside my Mars Red GES25:

    My (almost) last EDC
    A big O-ring then :
    + key-strap for keys (switched with a shorter key-strap)
    + pocket for glasses napkin
    + luggage tag for public transport pass
    + small pouch for light make up carry + mirror
    + Viridian cubelet for minimalist carry
    (the black splitted-o-ring key-strap has been switched with a skookum key-strap, thank TB Crew)

    Spoiler for my Viridian Cubelet:

    perfect minimalist pouch of the night (and day)

    My night stand to be

    My everything else which has not been shown yet

    I was delighted by the colors you chose! (specially the dark blueish halcyon and the brownish ballistic)
    Thanks a lot for the very useful big O-ring

    just a Bihnion here

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