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    Ultimate Strap Keepers method

    I figured out a way to get the strap keepers to stay on securely. I wind them up (with about an inch and a half of length in the wind) and position the halfway up the remaining strap so I can move it tighter or looser if needed. But then instead of winding the strap keepers around the entire pile (which can make the strap keeper subject to falling off) I thread it under the top layer of the wound strap - attaching it on the outside, then rotating them around so the hooking part is hidden. It stays securely within the wound fabric with the edges of the loop preventing it from falling off the pile of strap.

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    Yes, it found that a 1.5 to 2 inch fold of strap is more secure than a small, tight roll. And I leave extra strap unfolded so I can grab it to pull the straps tighter, or release to add an inch or two of length.

    ETA I flew cross country round trip this week with the straps like this and completely forgot about the strap keepers. It just worked, and I never had to think about it.

    Ultimate Strap Keepers method-mvimg_20191019_154611-jpg
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