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    Quote Originally Posted by yvandermeer View Post
    assuming you are using the stuff sack's draw cord for the tethering
    Oh yeah, I only use stuff sacks for actual non-camera-use travel and mostly to prevent theft / misplacement, and always with lenses detached from the body. I wrap the body no lens and that goes into one wrap/SS, I wrap my nifty 50 and core lens in a second wrap/SS, and my telephoto goes into a third wrap/SS.

    Then I clip the 3 stuff sacks to o-rings in whatever bag I'm using for transpo and that's always at the bottom of the bag and/or in a secure place for travel. There's a company that also makes lens caches btw, but using wraps allows me max flexibility including for non-camera gear.

    In this way, there's no risk of my gear falling out because it's only moving in/out of the bag for packing/unpacking, never use. The clips & straps are purely there in the case I fumble grabbing a stuff sack or someone is digging through my bags, neither of which has ever happened.

    When I carry for use, it's never in a wrap, the bag compartment that holds the camera only has the camera, nothing else, and the camera never comes out of the bag unless my hand is strapped to it.

    This is primarily why I use the S25 for my run-and-gun bag: it has lots of other externally available pockets for stuff without opening the main part where my camera is, plus it then quickly converts to carry. For example in Tokyo we'd walk around all day taking pics, then I'd wrap/SS the camera body an lens, put it at the bottom of my bag in a PCSB (on top of a cache), coat on top, groceries and shopping on top and in the front pocket. Or some mix. Been doing it that way for years and love the flexibility. On the flight over I did a similar thing, except used the WF for my camera gear and clothes.

    Great set up for me! but we're all different ... some of the camera people I saw around Tokyo ... holy moly, basically carrying luggage.

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    I got the Peak Design small camera insert today and tried mounting it in my Synik 22. It fits, but barely, as you can see in pictures below.

    The camera cube attaches perfectly with gatekeeper clips to the loops for the compression straps. And can be accessed through the clamshell zipper.

    I think this might be a great solution for those with the Synik 30, but alas, I’ll return it as there’s not much extra room in the S22.

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