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Thread: Key Troubles

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    Manhattan. I haven't flown on a plane since the '90s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
    My use-case is similar, although for business travel: I leave and then don't need to see my keys again until i return, but my hands are full, I have lots of stuff in pockets prone to falling out from the trip, etc, so ...

    I use the S25 left-hand side pocket with my keys attached to a retractable kevlar keychain, attached to the o-ring - this make them easy to find by only unzipping the pocket half way and since they float at the top of the pocket, other stuff sinks to the bottom and I rarely have a problem:

    Attachment 23894

    *mind blown*.

    I think this may be a game-changer!!!

    My biggest frustration with the key straps is that even on the strap, the keys find a way to migrate to the bottom -- so that when I'm approaching my front door (at 3am and in a bit of a hurry for obvious reasons) and I unzip whatever TB I'm carrying that day to grab the key strap and fish them out, they always manage to get hung up on everything else in the compartment on their way out (checkbook, ghost whale, etc.).

    I love that I'm always learning on this forum!

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    I use a Mini Q-Kit for my keys, it has been a lifesaver since I transferred them, there.

    Before they were clipped in the front pocket of my SCB but they were hard to get in a hurry. Open SCB flap, unzip front pocket with one hand and fish for them, while trying to keep other stuff from jumping out of the zippered pocket.

    Keys need to be accessed quickly for safety reasons, that was not

    Now, the Mini Q-Kit is clipped to one of the side O-rings, and rests on top of the TC and 3D OC inside the SBC.

    No fumbling for keys and the cute Mini Q-Kit , as well as the TC and 3D OC can be moved from the SCB to a TB tote: Swift, Pop Tote or Small Shop Bag.
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    This semester, I am using a KEY-BAK SECURIT HD Retractable Keychain, 48" Retractable Cord
    Key Troubles-key-bak-key-accessories-0488-706-64_1000-jpg

    The S25 has 2 sets of cache loops, and I attached the Key-Bak to one of the loops I am not using.
    So far, it has worked pretty well. The cord is long enough that doesn't require me to be nimble or coordinated. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions!

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