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    old friend new friend

    Just added a Brain Cell (4X?) to my Monster Truck! Perfect for moving my “office” around the house these days. Many thanks to the Bihnion who rehomed this (well, two identical BCs) to me.

    I find now that we are home all the time, I do my "office" work in different locations around the house. Sometimes it's too hot to work upstairs. Sometimes I need to keep an eye on distance learning. Sometimes I need to watch something on the stove, or I need to let the dog out (and in. And out. And...). So, I started out using the Truck to move my computer upstairs and downstairs, because often I'm also juggling a water bottle, or laundry, etc. Much safer, and it made it so I could carry more things in one go.

    New issue: the Truck wasn't perfectly oriented to hold my Macbook (circa 2017) - the main compartment is not quite wide enough to carry it horizontally. Solution: I got a Monster Truck. Much better!

    But... I was still worried about the computer accidentally falling out, or me dropping the bag. I had a vertical Brain Cell (4Z) that had come along with an eBay purchase, so I tried that first. Great padding but the orientation was wrong. I reached out to the Bihnion community and voila! A perfect match of old and new.

    It's great if I just want to carry the computer by itself. More often, though, I need to refer to at least one 3-ring binder (shown: Staples 1-1/2 inch/400-sheet capacity D-ring binder), as well as a clipboard (letter-sized: the stripey wood thing). I also need a pen/pencil and Post-Its (hence the Small Cafe Freudian Slip -in Grass- in the front pocket). There's still room for a water bottle (shown: 40 oz. Hydro Flask) in a side pocket, plus I'm usually either carrying masks (Tom Bihn's V1, in purple) to or from the laundry room (size 2 Stuff Sack in Acuity), and if my battery is running low, I stow my power cord in the other pocket (size 4 stuff sack in NW Sky helps me see to the bottom of the pocket). Still plenty of room left for a book, a magazine, a box of tissues, or other odds and ends I need to transport from room to room.

    (I also added a mini Solar double carabiner as an anchor point for my keys. And I'm testing a ribbon (unfortunately it matches the fabric so it's hard to see) which I looped through the pull tab of the Brain Cell, to help pull out my computer when it's deep inside the Brain Cell.)

    This is another reason why I love TB - the designs are specific to particular challenges, and yet they end up being universal!

    There might be a few more tweaks I can make - e.g. the large water bottle at one end messes up the balance so I need to find a way to center it in the main compartment, or just carry a smaller bottle. But overall I am just delighted with the modularity and fit-for-purpose-ness of this carry.

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