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  1. Synapse Update/Addition Recommendation
  2. Little Swifts and Western Flyers with New Color Options
  3. Thought on the TB website -Search by Color
  4. I have a slight problem....
  5. Juggernaut (?)
  6. I feel like I'm on that old game show "Let's make a deal"
  7. Use both A30 and A45?
  8. There may be some Cardinal small OPs
  9. Guide’s Pack Top Pocket
  10. They're here!!
  11. Which bags in which fabrics? (And a request for more 200d Dyneema exteriors.)
  12. Perhaps, an additional Top Opening for A45 in future revision?
  13. New designs!!
  14. Am I seeing red????
  15. Nordic 1050 ballistic?
  16. Website upgraded
  17. iphone 6 plus case withe battery pouch for Bose QC 20i
  18. Freudian Slips for Synapses
  19. Darn- no small or medium Qkit (yet)
  20. Snake charmer, colors!
  21. New S25 with Mod and a Question
  22. Talk me out of trading in my Nordic/Solar Aeronaut 45
  23. I miss Parapack
  24. What really happened to Nordic dyneema?
  25. Comment on the Cache from someone who is new to Tom Bihn bags
  26. I think I caught the TB bug
  27. Well, I did it again...
  28. Your longest journey with TB bags?
  29. Bag sighting in Honolulu Airport
  30. Bag Siting in Houston
  31. Carry On Baggage Allowance
  32. Synapse 25 thoughts
  33. 2015 Wish List
  34. Money Belt plus
  35. My Synapse 25 is here! I have thoughts.
  36. (Bye) Little Swift (Hello in 2015) Cross-Body Knitting Bag
  37. Field Trips (our blog)
  38. Did you see it? The new parental unit- a REAL one being made.
  39. Inside colors
  40. who needs a cross body knitting bag anymore--- since the DLBC debut
  41. Small Nordic Dyneema Shop Bag saves the day
  42. The new website design looks fabulous, by the way!
  43. Non-Tom Bihn bag spotted in Beijing Airport--Booooo!!!
  44. When can we expect the new citizen canine: I'd settle for the old one at this point
  45. Tom's name on TV......
  46. The Parental Unit (and other November 28th debuts)
  47. Made travel easier - thank you
  48. Missing the debut countdown!! An hour or so to go...
  49. Janine/nsh- where are all the o rings on the PU?
  50. Shout Out to the Folks at TB!
  51. Awesome interview Janine!
  52. I've decided to have a baby
  53. PU as gym bag
  54. I'm lost... S25 color conundrum
  55. Holiday shipping guide is up
  56. Importance of Dyneema, Weight and the Western Flyer (Luggage Pocket)
  57. Holiday Shipping Guide + Other Important Info
  58. Hip belt for Aeronaut?
  59. Version remorse?
  60. Bags you owned before Discovering Tom Bihn
  61. Azure by any name....teal?
  62. Tom Bihn Garmet Bag .. ;)
  63. What's left in Solar?
  64. Missed out on crimson SCB
  65. Delivery Conundrum
  66. Navy/Iberian Aeronaut
  67. Love the what we are giving blog post!
  68. Kudos to the Tom Bihn shipping department
  69. Shop Bags - TETRIS and TARDIS
  70. wheres the tom bihn blog?
  71. Share Your Fun Christmas TB Gift Stories Here!
  72. Is anyone else as excited as I am about a Tom Bihn Luggage tag?!
  73. Cork Making a Comeback?
  74. 2015 New Designs, are they there yet?
  75. How much Tom Bihn stuff do you carry each day?
  76. In Rwanda With A Brain Bag And Am Convinced The Tom Bihn Quality Has Few Equals
  77. Share Your Bag Hacks/Creative Uses
  78. I need a new bag to use as a purse. :)
  79. Article: Chris Guillebeau visted every country in the world, with "Empire Builder"
  80. Singapore Sighting
  81. Color Comparisons
  82. Cordura, the unappreciated stepchild fabric here on the Forum
  83. How to travel around the world with just a 20 lb backpack
  84. Help with choosing a carry-on bag
  85. S19 hole in the bottom in the inside of the pockets?? Just a sewing defect in mine??
  86. Pen-proof zippers
  87. Cache for iPad Air - too small?
  88. Using an Absolute Shoulder Strap on an old ID
  89. A30 too small for me
  90. Tristar and Night Flight as carry ons
  91. Camera IO configuration?
  92. When the pack gets unbalanced
  93. Pen/pencil size of clear organizer pouch
  94. Hanging organizer bag for Brain Bag?
  95. What size Cafe Bag for Surface Pro 3?
  96. Black dyneema/UV copilot?
  97. TB bags really do swallow your belongings
  98. The Brain Bag and Packing Cubes / Stuff Sacks
  99. When did the attachment system for the LCB change?
  100. Co-Pilot in dyneema?
  101. Aeronaut 30 questions (15 MBPr, DLBP)
  102. Ego Stripe in the New Colors?
  103. Questions On Small Organizer Pouch
  104. Removing Perfume Odor from Used Bag
  105. 3d Printed Cache Hanger
  106. Congratulate me!
  107. Nice discovery: Brain Cell size 6T is great for small laptop
  108. Submit Quotes To Inspire Dan Bransfield's Next Watercolor
  109. Bag Customization
  110. Any idea when Ego will return?
  111. Cache 6z For X1 Carbon (2015)
  112. My EDC Challenge...and solution?
  113. TB for People to People trip
  114. The Swift -- My New Favorite Bag!
  115. LCB & new nylon color
  116. Dyneema rollin' out!
  117. Bag Unpacking and Robot Tests
  118. Western Flyer thought
  119. Vote for the best Carry-On!
  120. Help choosing bag for summer trip to Scotland
  121. Synapse 25 as a Personal Item on Frontier?
  122. Suggestion: Add loops to Freudian Slip for attaching to bag
  123. Shore up my doubts/concerns :D
  124. Losing hope of ever getting a large cafe bag...
  125. More Parapack Synapses??
  126. Initial thoughts on the Zephyr
  127. Geocaching with a TB bag
  128. I want one!!!
  129. What's on your wishlist for next week's announcement?
  130. Snake charmer as diaper holder
  131. To Be Retired: ID, Ego, Super Ego, Zephyr, Field Journal Notebook
  132. Q for FJN owners re ring system
  133. Inside the FJN - is there a back slot for journals to slide in?
  134. Badger? Where's our countdown clock?
  135. Small Q-kits are up on the website
  136. tristar or western flyer (or CPA)
  137. OOOOOh! a toiletry kit!!!
  138. FJNs are up!
  139. IDs are up!!!!
  140. Introducing Spiff Kits + New Accessories and Retiring Classic Designs
  141. Padded Hip Belt Question
  142. So what did you order? March 10th releases.
  143. Large spiff kit: Classical guitarist's best friend
  144. Bicycle accident and usefulness of TB bags
  145. These small Q-Kits are really mischievous !!!
  146. New Ultraviolet Cord and Zipper Pulls
  147. Parental Unit as Personal Items Bag?
  148. When was 400d steel dyneema retired?
  149. A Surprise from Tom Bihn
  150. Brain Bag - Shoulder Strap Camera Solution
  151. Daylight Briefcase
  152. Getting the Last of Some of the Best. And Happy, too!
  153. DLBC, FJN, and SSK
  154. Dyneema shop bags: what TB does well. My two cents.
  155. It's here...think I might have found a new love
  156. Bag Linings: Not Just for Good Looks.
  157. Messenger ID bag
  158. The struggle is real.
  159. I ordered a Tri-Star and a Western Flyer and kept both. Do I need professional help?
  160. So its almost end of March, time for Darcy to start tormenting us with some hints :)
  161. Share Your Links: Best of the Forums
  162. Tom Bihn gets a mention in the WSJ!
  163. Passport pouch as super minimal purse?
  164. Where did they go?
  165. Travel
  166. On TB bag ownership as an indication of good judgment....
  167. My Swifts
  168. Synapse 19 = happy girlfriend
  169. Daylight Backpack for 7 year old?
  170. Dirty and smelly stuff
  171. Regular Cache in a Cadet?
  172. Another reason to use OPs (and to have more than one TB bag of the same kind! :))
  173. Order link missing on today's debut
  174. My 1st TB order
  175. ups expedited to Canada
  176. Burnt orange
  177. Where is Waldo?
  178. Thinking about buying a Synapse 25...
  179. Thinking of selling Empire Builder and getting a Brain Bag... Am I crazy?
  180. LCB
  181. Multiple Uses of the Field Journal Notebook
  182. Pilot vs. Zephyr as an EDC
  183. SE with TYSS
  184. Large Cafe Bag Color Combos
  185. Non-Clear All Fabric Organizer Wallet
  186. PCSB or PCBP?
  187. The Prodigal Returns
  188. Attachment points for shoulder straps
  189. Ian's Every Day Carry: Is that a small cafe bag?
  190. Swift + TriStar backpack packing cube?
  191. Are dyneema bags Slash Proof?
  192. Reasons to buy a DLBC if you already own a Pilot?
  193. Zipper Pulls
  194. Well, my order arrived...but...
  195. Lunchbox for Synapse 19?
  196. TBihnization of regular activities...
  197. Laptop fit guide - gone?
  198. Complete Fabric Colour Guide
  199. Non-Parental Impressions of the Parental Unit
  200. New suggestion
  201. Secure backpack
  202. Smart Alec Pac Cover
  203. iPad Kangaroo Pouch
  204. New style TB Label on all bags?
  205. Stealth Carry-On
  206. Settings for local timestamps
  207. Most popular Tom Bihn Bag until now
  208. Crane's Crest paper and dip pen
  209. Solar stuff sacks
  210. Two brand new, unannounced Tom Bihn items are on order!
  211. New Medical Bag: Finding the Perfect Fit - Help!
  212. Question about Olive, Brain Bag/Cafe Bag
  213. Would Anyone Want a Cache Lite?
  214. Is a Guide's Pack re-stock planned?
  215. Appreciating TB's top-notch quality
  216. Zephyr mini-review
  217. Welcome Back, You've Been Missed!
  218. Need a slightly bigger bag
  219. DLBP Dyneema
  220. Upgrading from my Checkpoint Flyer
  221. Is it time for Darcy to taunt us yet?
  222. Ever want to buy a bag you know won't work for you just because of the color????
  223. TB in the Wild
  224. Where to buy FJN insides?
  225. Frustrating issue with zipper material
  226. Pick Pockets at US Airports
  227. Help!
  228. Tom Bihn and honeymoons
  229. S19 ultrasuede pocket carries ...?
  230. Update on my Swift
  231. Freudian Slips - underrated genius?
  232. Best bag for uni and travel?
  233. Rare Day Carry (RDC)
  234. Bag to carry DLBC?
  235. Field Joirnal Weight?
  236. Using waist straps on Cafe Bag for weight distribution & comfort?
  237. Help choosing a bag for middle schooler!
  238. LCBs
  239. Aeronaut 30 - potentially stupid question
  240. Carrying a mirrorless camera in a Brain Bag?
  241. Can an Aeronaut person become a Western Flyer person?
  242. What can fit in Aeronaut 30?
  243. DIY 1" SE strap
  244. Backorder? Again?? Still???
  245. Bose Qc25 case in Pilot side-pocket.
  246. LTB Western Flyer
  247. First Tom Bihn question
  248. Aubergine Aeronaut 45 lining colors
  249. If you can only have 1 TB Bag, what would it be?
  250. It's June. It's quiet. Just sayin'