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  1. Wanting bags I don't need
  2. Velcro on Brain Bag
  3. The joys of being small when one bagging it!
  4. Makeup spilled all over my Synapse...
  5. Clear Organizer Pouch and Bag Use for Musicians
  6. With the new suggested suitcase sizes...
  7. Only 339 hours left!
  8. Petite person's take on the A30
  9. Horizontal Brain Cell - Acer Aspire
  10. Heads-up! Changes re: order changes and holds
  11. Suggestion: more pockets on Vertical Brain Cell
  12. So we've gotten lots of color hints- what about capacity hints?
  13. I might love my Smart Alec too much
  14. I've got that song from Annie as today's ear worm
  15. Skookum Dog and TOM BIHN Team Up
  16. How do you know when a debut is "done"?
  17. First thoughts on the DLBP
  18. More Bags in New Colors, Please
  19. New Release TBAS
  20. Favorite Color/Fabric Combinations
  21. First order is done
  22. Need advice for 3 week trip
  23. Joining the club!
  24. Absolute Strap price difference?
  25. What is the actual direction with the limited edition colours? (Not our wish lists)
  26. Swift handles question
  27. Spiff Kit as a First Aid bag?
  28. Quick question about the Western Flyer
  29. Missing My Tom Bihn
  30. Zipper Pulls in New Colours
  31. Bad Influences (SA Purchase)
  32. Aeronaut 45
  33. Seattle Showroom Closed Week Of June 29th - July 3rd
  34. What happened with the Skookum Dog portable food/water tray?
  35. Best Of The Forums
  36. Thoughts on the Side Effect
  37. Outside the box...
  38. New Tom Bihn bags owner
  39. Question about the Empire Builder
  40. Summit Bed?
  41. New Color Families
  42. Medium Cafe Bag: the perfect size for a new 12" Macbook...
  43. Aeronaut 45 & Synapse 25?
  44. Coyote - the unsung hero?
  45. Broke down and got a wheeled Tumi bag:
  46. Longest trip with just the Pilot
  47. Co-pilot in parapack?
  48. Dyneema Watch Straps?
  49. Heads-up! Seattle Factory Showroom Closed For Remodel
  50. 100 per cent Tom Bihn 100 per cent of the time
  51. Questions about the Aeronaut 45 and getting through TSA
  52. Thank you @bchaplin for the dry bag/laundry idea!
  53. Long and thin packing cube
  54. improve the Travel Laundry Stuff Sack?
  55. Just wondering...
  56. RIP Double Carabiner
  57. Discussion of New Colors, New Designs
  58. New Bags and Colors Ready To Order
  59. An Update On Backorders
  60. Potential TB Conversion in Progress...
  61. Multiple Side Effects
  62. How about a TB motorcycle helmet bag?
  63. Can the Sticky: New Bags and Colors Ready To Order be locked?
  64. Brain Bag or A45 or Something Else for C100 + Macbook Pro 15"?
  65. Dangling waist strap when not using?
  66. Yet another reason for packing small and organized with Tom Bihn bags
  67. Waaaah! I don't believe I did this!
  68. Side Effect and the 1-inch shoulder strap...
  69. Great blog post on the Aeronaut 30 (in Verde)
  70. Shop Bag Stuff Sack
  71. Reintroducing myself to the Synapse, being indecisive
  72. Colorway anxiety!
  73. A proposed improvement: zipper tabs
  74. SA discovery
  75. Overpackers Unite
  76. Synapse 19 packability
  77. What happened to Synapse 19? I can't find it listed anymore.
  78. A30 vs Western Flyer
  79. Pilot fits into packing cube backpack and vice versa
  80. Inside of pilot peeling
  81. A 22L Synapse please...
  82. Just ordered two TB bags to try, would love some feedback
  83. Tri-Star for carry on, & the personal item is ???
  84. ordering dilemma
  85. A little Vespa weekend with a handful of bags
  86. Synapse 25 vs Aeronaut 30 - Capacity
  87. Q-Kit for iPhone charger & cord?
  88. Visiting Tom Bihn tomorrow morning at 7am!
  89. Cache for the new Apple iPad Pro?
  90. When will Black Dyneema be back in stock?
  91. Ultraviolet-pink or purple?
  93. Kelly green, when will it be seen?
  94. Really trying to one bag it... having trouble
  95. New to TB! Organizer question...
  96. A30 /45 zippered flat end pockets
  97. phone in SA
  98. Webbing and zipper colors
  99. Guide's Pack
  100. Let the speculation begin...new products soon?
  101. Who did the lovely watercolor for the latest blog post?
  102. Pillow & Bear
  103. How to carry my new DSLR in my Smart Alec?
  104. FS for PCSB?
  105. Besides the "New Bags/Colors" thread - is there a "new versions of existing bags"?
  106. How to Order New Cafe Bag FS Only
  107. Why is NFTD no longer offered in Coyote?
  108. Night Flight Pro's & Con's Needed
  109. Anyone using a Medium Cafe Bag instead of a Brain Cell?
  110. Help! Goo Gone Tragedy with my Zest Shop Bag
  111. Empire Builder colors
  112. Smart Alec Modular Pockets - Dyneema
  113. iPhone holder on strap
  114. Irony of TB Minimalist Travel
  115. Easy ways to deal with dangly straps
  116. shop bags for Halloween?
  117. Smart Alec in Dyneema vs Ballistic
  118. Has anyone tried the Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Pouches and Shoe Lockers?
  119. Talk navy to me
  120. Benefits of an Ego vs S25
  121. Daylight Briefcase as Beach Bag
  122. HUGE Fan oF TB..... Moving from Synapse 25 (LOVE) to Brain Bag
  123. Packing Cube Backpack in 400d dyneema?
  124. Dear Tom Bihn company: about that late November debut....
  125. My first TB and I need accessory advice.
  126. Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 durability
  127. Western Flyer as a two laptop bag
  128. Weekend bag ideas?
  129. Yeoman Duffels in more colors!
  130. Dell XPS 13 laptop sleeve
  131. Best bag for iPad Pro plus few EDC
  132. Large Cafe Bag review
  133. Water bottle for ID?
  134. Webbing loops for attaching lash straps on travel bags?
  135. Smart Alec Vs Brain Bag (Vs Synapse 25) with special attention to groceries
  136. packing hard drives in synapse 25
  137. TB and Synapse 25 Newbie Question
  138. Companion for Aeronaut 45
  139. DLBP or Packing Cube Backpack for A30?
  140. Cache and S19
  141. MOLLE straps on my old ID
  142. Rigid plate for Synapse 25
  143. Western Flyer minus brain cell
  144. issue with TB Brain Bag liner
  145. PCBP vs DLBP?
  146. November 20th Website Downtime (and general unfunness)
  147. Vintage Tom Bihn "Port Angeles" tag on a cafe bag w/ pics. Year?
  148. Bag Cleaning Advice
  149. Moderators: have you gotten the preview of next week's debut?
  150. Someone commented on my Co-Pilot today
  151. Attn: moriond (please): Side Effect
  152. Quick question: parapack vs cordura
  153. Keeping your packing cubes straight
  154. Maker's Bag as an overnight bag?
  155. Maker's colors
  156. A30 and A45?
  157. Aeronaut 45 in RED ?
  158. 5 day trip with an awesome bag (Western Flyer)
  159. Rear Sleeve for Synapse
  160. What's the deal with Synapse zipper pulls?
  161. Makers Bag with laptop
  162. backorder system
  163. Makers vs Pilot vs DLBC vs Cadet
  164. Moveable Feast vs. Large Shop Bag
  165. Side Effect strap length for across the body use.
  166. MB - Surprise.
  167. Large Cafe Bag Freudian Slip MIA
  168. Medium Cafe Bag
  169. 2016 Wish List
  170. Dear Tom Bihn, please make A30 & A45 in-between size so I don't have to choose
  171. Night flight duffle packing cube
  172. Do my eyes deceive me?
  173. Could you use a (covered) iron on Dyneema (for iron-on patches)?
  174. Is this Falling off the Wagon or Getting Back on it?
  175. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
  176. A45 Test Pack for Scuba Trip, Success!
  177. Enjoying my new Brain Bag w/ hip belts....
  178. Extra clothes and stuff sack
  179. Maker's mod
  180. Happy New Year!
  181. Don't want laptop Cache coming out backpack because of rails
  182. Backpack for Run Commuting
  183. Trip Report--Portland
  184. It has ARRIVED!!
  185. Aeronaut 45 all fabric packing cube
  186. Brain Bag with Dyneema Lining?
  187. My mobile office, with the help of TB
  188. A moment of silence
  189. Smart Alec adoption, first impressions
  190. Bewbs
  191. Possibly helpful discovery re: PenWrap
  192. Wallet Woes (Solved) and a Small Cafe Bag Revelation
  193. Your Website Feedback Wanted!
  195. Miscellaneous questions about key straps and Small Cafe Bag
  196. Absolute Shoulder Strap Pricing Question
  197. How to search for threads about Q-kit?
  198. Folder Holder Questions
  199. Tom Bihn in Britain
  200. Toiletry Bag Ideas for the A45?
  201. Empire Builder Tech Organization
  202. Maximum Diameter Tubular Object to Fit Tool / Pen Wrap?
  203. Is the Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) Yet Available as Depicted
  204. Traveling without a wheelie bag -- what am I missing here?
  205. Tom Bihn in Australia
  206. Airplane Seat Pocket Accessories?
  207. Pros/Cons of Night Flight needed
  208. Wearing the Synapse 25 properly?
  209. Color questions
  210. Stock question: Synapse 25 in plum or red blend
  211. Easy way to not spend money on TB stuff
  212. sacrilegious question
  213. CPW = Cost Per Use/Carry
  214. Short People Got No Reason...
  215. Introducing TOM BIHN Halcyon Fabric (White Grid and Black Grid)
  216. What determines what denier is available ?
  217. Will a Co-Pilot fit in a S25?
  218. Pixel C Tablet
  219. Scratches on Duraflex Buckle
  220. Augh, decisions!
  221. Tom Blog Post: "Thanking Our investors
  222. Bag discolored, now what?
  223. Organisation for your Organisers
  224. Maker's Bag- A Question of Fabrics
  225. My Western Flyer design suggestion
  226. Aubergine for men?
  227. New Website Debuts March 16th! What You Need To Know....
  228. March 29, 2016 Debuts!!! [SPOILERS ABOUND]
  229. Just when I thought I had it all figured out...
  230. What is the color of this aeronaut
  231. A30 Packing Cubes in A45
  232. Phase-Out of White-on-Black 400d Halcyon
  233. Guide's Pack Color
  234. Daylight Backpack in Iceland
  235. Northwest Sky and Original Halcyon (formerly black Dyneema) Packing Cube Backpacks!
  236. Finding my OTB (One True Bag)
  237. Nikwax and little spots
  238. Dyneema Fans
  239. OK Frasnk, even after seeing the new stuff, I don't get your hint...
  240. Excelsior to the Tom Bihn Website!
  241. Dissapointed
  242. S19 and secondary bag
  243. New Product! Introducing the Aeronaut 45 Tiny House
  244. First attempt at practice packing the A45
  245. Medium Cafe Bag back pocket
  246. Synapse 25 question (color and intended use)
  247. MCB Dark Interior Colors!?
  248. Medium Cafe Bag...Does yours do this?
  249. Using Or Hacking A Side Effect (Guy Advice)
  250. I Knew It Would Happen! :-)