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  1. Any old school Ego users here?
  2. New! Sign up to be emailed when certain colors are back in stock
  3. oranges
  4. Tom Bihn at Disney
  5. something discontinued
  6. Amazing Customer Service
  7. Cpap and trying to travel fairly light
  8. TB Kool-Aid
  9. Super Ego and packing cubes?
  10. Probability of light damage?
  11. I know I'll be called a heretic for saying this, but...
  12. About That Interior Color Poll...
  13. I want a new TB bag ... but I don't need one!
  14. Aeronaut and Pilot continue their journey
  15. Zippers
  16. Lunchbox for S19?
  17. Hooray for the Colour Combos Coming Soon for Black Halcyon
  18. Carry on & Personal item bags recommendations
  19. Using a Small Shop Bag as an in-flight bag?
  20. DLBP - Original Halcyon or Black Halcyon
  21. Trip Report: 7 Days in Lyon w/ Aeronaut 30 & Daylight
  22. What are your EDC items?
  23. No love for Smart Alec?
  24. Aeronaut dilemma
  25. Skookum camp mat
  26. Skookum leashes are awesome
  27. Sitka, Monarch, Fjord, Island, or Zest? It's time to vote!
  28. Aeronaut 30 vs Smart Alec (more ukulele ideas)
  29. Seattle Showroom Open Two Saturdays in May!
  30. Field Journal Notebook is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. Pilot in new halcyon
  32. Pilot or Co-Pilot as a camera bag
  33. 3D Organizer Cube and Tristar
  34. Zest, Island, or Sitka? Vote for the next Halcyon 200d color!
  35. Aeronaut - What do you stick in the end pockets?
  36. NonTB dyneema bags in Japan
  37. New Synapse 25 on the way!
  38. I LOVE MY NFTD!!!
  39. Did you see the Maker Bag in Nordic/UV?
  40. Accessories
  41. Black/Nordic Halcyon Side Effect
  42. DLBC interior colors
  43. Sypanse 25 straps vs Brain Bag straps?
  44. Brain Bag: A short review after 7 days of heavy use
  45. Question about water bottles inside bags
  46. Black Halcyon/Black Nordic Halcyon Side Effects!
  47. How can I attach a rolled up jacket to the Synapse 25?
  48. Packing cubes for SA?
  49. Yeoman fans?
  50. Aeronaut 30 coming in new nordic and black colors?
  51. Halcyon Daylight Backpacks are Back in Stock
  52. Has there been any discussion of when a next debut might be?
  53. What if Tom Bihn made a bike transportation bag?
  54. Could The Crew add a video of Aether Packing Cubes in the Tristar?
  55. Thoughts from long time users?
  56. Posting Pictures
  57. What have you attached to your SA or Guide's Pack
  58. Using DLBP and DLBC together?
  59. Significance of July 1, 2014?
  60. Going “marsupial” with the Aeronaut 30 – personal item that will double as camera bag
  61. Thoughts on Halcyon
  62. New use Size 1 stuff sack!
  63. Ipad pro 9.7 inch in Western Flyer
  64. At my wits' end regarding an EDC for London
  65. My 1st TB Mod!
  66. I have a new favorite material...
  67. Drenched
  68. Your opinion needed: Synapse 19 in Red Blend or Grey?
  69. Q-Kit in a Cadet front compartment?
  70. Dog camp mat- how thick?
  71. Gifting my Brain Bag
  72. Differences between Road Duffel and Night Flight
  73. The coming soon colors have disappeared.
  74. Trying to choose between Smart Alec and Brain Bag for a long international trip
  75. Continued Quest for the Perfect Bag Set
  76. Cool new accessory for S25 owners
  77. What exactly is packcloth?
  78. How to pack a puffy coat flat
  79. Q Kits
  80. Tom Bihn gear for sale on Huckberry?
  81. Greens
  82. Synapse 25 bottom pocket
  83. Citizen Canine or Side Effect
  84. Buckle problems
  85. Does anyone bicycle commute with their bag?
  86. Padded Container for Epson Scanner
  87. Tool organization in TB bags - how do you tame the herd?
  88. Showroom - is it worth visiting?
  89. Aeronaut 30 & 45 Questions - compatibility w/ Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Sleeve
  90. Recommend a travel umbrella?
  91. TS/WF or SA as your carryon?
  92. Now that I've seen Azure in person...
  93. Parental Unit (OG Dyneema/Wasabi)
  94. Pilot in *black* halcyon/dyneema
  95. HOW DO YOU REMOVE zipper pulls?
  96. Bag volume
  97. No package tracking info??
  98. Decisions, decisions (newbie here!)
  99. UK shipping - Customs duty
  100. I placed my first order!
  101. Quiet Zipper Pull Attachment Method?
  102. Checking the Aeronaut - Good Idea?
  103. Can I hope for a Nordic Halcyon/Iberian Medium Cafe Bag by October?
  104. cache too tight -- solutions?
  105. Just ordered an A30
  106. First Bihn bag - what shall it be?
  107. Darker interior colors and visibility
  108. Just Ordered the Brain Bag and all the other Cool Stuff that goes with it!
  109. Has there ever been a summer time debut?
  110. Are there any new backpack design in the works?
  111. Will the Quiver come in Aubergine?
  112. Swift - colours in production?
  113. Personal Item Analysis Paralysis
  114. Confused about colors (Empire Builder)
  115. Travel bags for children
  116. Has the Snake Charmer ever been made out of halcyon (dyneema)?
  117. Swift /Makers Bag for work and home?
  118. What if... bag in the car - Emergancy pack
  119. Your assurance needed: Trading in S19 for S25
  120. DLBP
  121. What to choose?
  122. LCB as Diaper Bag
  123. How do you carry a laptop in your A45 and other A45 questions.
  124. Organizer pouches - which size & material are most useful?
  125. Can I use a synapse 25 Freudian Slip in a Synapse 19?
  126. Strap for Packing Cube Shoulder Bag?
  127. Co-Pilot vs Makers Bag as Everyday Bag/Purse
  128. Super Ego/Ego
  129. Sightseeing bag-- cross body vs backpack
  130. Traveling to Europe with Tri Star and...
  131. cafe bag, small or medium or buy one at all?
  132. Synapse 25 vs Smart Alec vs Red Oxx Mini Boss
  133. Commuter gear
  134. Saved by my Shop Bag
  135. Featured by UPS for our sustainability efforts! + New Video
  136. cow vs. traditional clutch wallet
  137. Tri Star? Western Flyer..........ballistic nylon vs new Halycon
  138. A45 Love (and a couple of questions)
  139. How to clean an absolute strap?
  140. Aether packing cubes for Western Flyer?
  141. Does anybody use their Side Effect as a Dopp kit/toiletry bag?
  142. Pilot is AWESOME!
  143. Just received my pilot...might be too small need help
  144. Official Thread: The Hero's Journey
  145. Feel my pain: Tri-Star and Western Flyer stolen from car
  146. Does a packed A45 fit in the overhead bin of regional jets?
  147. Large Cafe Bag: The Story of my First Tom Bihn Purchase
  148. Tribe One Outdoors OP Series PackNet
  149. [Empire Builder] Question about interior clips
  150. Pics of Grey vs. Steel?
  151. Advice on bags and pushing wheelchair
  152. Olive.....your thoughts?
  153. DLBP as a fishing buddy
  154. [Empire Builder] Retired? -- NOT!
  155. Daylight Makers bag?
  156. [LOGO] What do you have?
  157. 3 bears: Empire is too big, Daylight is too small... which one is just right.
  158. How do you choose between the 2 different bag materials for Synapse 19?
  159. Makers Bag and Absolute Strap
  160. I think I found my people.
  161. Synapse 25: Why I chose it over the 19.
  162. Synapse 19 choices
  163. It's always the one you don't expect
  164. Knitting stuff and the HJ Top Pack
  165. Hero's Journey Side Pocket question
  166. Hero's Journey Top Bag as a camera bag
  167. My western flyer review
  168. If only there's a 600gr Tom Bihn travel backpack
  169. Convince me! Pilot vs. TUMI
  170. I just love black halcyon!
  171. Aeronaut ponderings
  172. Sad Days: Longing for a Messenger Bag
  173. Synapse 25, rain, and pack covers
  174. Synapse Security questions
  175. Smallest Bag/Thing You'd Check (for Small Items)?
  176. synapse or aer fit pack?
  177. New Cache Sizes for the new Apple Macbook Pros!
  178. Empire Builder = good decision?
  179. Synapse 25 (and 19 too) main compartment capacity?
  180. Wanting to switch from Tumi Alpha - Which Tom Binh Bag to?
  181. Eek -- I left a banana to rot in my PCSB! Or... How easy Halcyon is to clean
  182. Swift swallows all
  183. Aeronaut vs. Road Duffle
  184. Absolute Shoulder Strap
  185. Journals and Side Effect
  186. Test Driving New Tom Bihn
  187. Aeronaut 30/45 wearing as a backpack for long period
  188. Personal-item-only travel - thoughts after United's announcement
  189. Wishing Aeronaut had handles on both sides of the opening, like traditional duffles
  190. Switching up your Every Day Carry? How do you do it?
  191. Custom Bags
  192. Packing cube laundry stuff sack for Western Flyer?
  193. November 28th Debut!
  194. Hero's Journey vs MEI Voyager
  195. Large Cafe Bag Freudian Slip fit inside S25 Elastic Top Open Pocket?
  196. Small Cafe Bag
  197. Best bag for carrying a lunch?
  198. LCB and Other TB Bags at NY Museums
  199. November 28th Debut - What did you get?
  200. So what was that new item that was hinted about in your Facebook post of Nov 17?
  201. Super Ego replacement?
  202. Will 1" shoulder strap become available on its own?
  203. Does anyone have side by side comparisons of solar and wasabi?
  204. Skookum Dog - Dog carriers?
  205. 2017 Wish List
  206. Can't let go of my old bag💔
  207. Seattle Factory Showroom Party on December 10th!
  208. New to Tom Bihn: Synpase 25, Snake Charmer, Side-effect review and impressions
  209. Small top compartment of new Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack... by itself?!?
  210. New batch of Little Swifts and Side Kicks showing as available!
  211. Moving away from backpacks as personal items: how'd you do it?
  212. Hemp/Rubber Cleaning Question
  213. Smart Alec and Western Flyer Combination for Business Travel
  214. volume in liters of shop bags?
  215. Multiple Laptops in TriStar?
  216. Want to help us with our next video? It'll be: "Why We Love O-rings"
  217. Smart Alec in Halcyon AND Ballistic?
  218. Suggestion: what about a Kensington slot in the travel bags?
  219. Women's carry comfort
  220. Has your Smart Alec bungee cord caught onto anything before?
  221. Small (the bigger) Q kit
  222. Suggestions on electronics/gadget organizer to pack inside an A30 / A45?
  223. Small Snake Charmer for bottom of Synapse 19?
  224. Orange Paracord Zipper Pulls
  225. Any Thoughts on Waxed Canvas vs Nylon?
  226. Just got my first 2 bags (Aeronaut 45 and Ristretto) - customer service is awesome
  227. Wishes GRANTED in 2016
  228. WHOA - more Little Swifts... Side Kicks...
  229. Zipper pull cords---why do you use them?
  230. Collapsible wheeled cart?
  231. Big Sprout?
  232. Iberian: is it red or pink?
  233. Pilot or Western Flyer for one-bag biz travel
  234. Do guys pick ultraviolet often?
  235. Surprise at Clear Quarter Packing Cube being retired?
  236. DLBP and DLBC instead of one S19 or S25 for 20-day trip
  237. Absolute Strap - Strap control
  238. Moving abroad -- packing bags inside of bags?
  239. Just how much more durable is Tom Bihn's nylon vs lower grade nylon?
  240. Could You Store Your Passport Here???
  241. Replacing my swanky Tumi briefcase with a Bihn backpack, but which?
  242. Synapse 19 Volume Sizing
  243. Packing like a mom...
  244. Did you lose a Skookum Bat in Virginia?
  245. Island Cord Zipper Pulls are here!
  246. 2016 Macbook Pro 15" with touchbar - what to put it in?
  247. Getting too Heavy: A45/Pilot vs. Rollerboard/S25
  248. Realized the Synapse 25 isn't for me -- time for an Aeronaut 30
  249. Cutting /removing divider on brain bag?
  250. PCSB with waist belt