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  1. TB Essentials
  2. Parental Unit as all purpose travel tote/cabin bag?
  3. So disappointed.... Brain Cells no longer available
  4. Already sold out? S25 Nordic/NW Sky
  5. Which organisers/pouches DON'T fit in S19 ext pockets?
  6. Can the piping in TB bags get damaged from folding?
  7. Any more clues/hints on the Muse release?
  8. Edge hem
  9. Cache/Brain bag questions
  10. Bring Back Zest!!!
  11. Daylight Briefcase - 3 day business trip
  12. Grid for which bags fit Personal Size and Carry-on sizes by airline.
  13. Holes in S19 bottom pocket
  14. SEEKING: mid-life crisis bag; must have o-rings
  15. Fredian Slip or Cache
  16. S25 and SA with new padded waist strap
  17. Large cafe bag too big
  18. Personal size + Carry-on matrix by airline and Tom Bihn bag
  19. My New 2017 Co-Pilot
  20. The Random Thoughts Thread
  21. Goldilocks Brain Cell size Question
  22. Parental Unit Design Updates!
  23. RPacking Cube Shoulder Bag or Side Kick?
  24. Normal wear and tear; dyneema vs cordura
  25. In Praise of the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag - as a packing cube
  26. Organizing your Tom Bihn bits
  27. Black vs original Halcyon opinion needed!
  28. which bag for overnight (or 2)
  29. First Trip as a "Bihn-er"
  30. Space for mini luggage cart in Aeronaut 30?
  31. Bag recommendation...
  32. Buying Synapse 25 Qs
  33. Do I want a TS?
  34. Black Halcyon or Black Cordura for Synapse 25 - opinions please!
  35. My Pilot: A travel success and an EDC fail
  36. Just when I thought I had things figured out...
  37. What's coming for laptops?
  38. Pics of old bags
  39. Label replacement
  40. Need some validation before I buy two bags...
  41. what do I ned to organize?
  42. EDC Small Cafe vs side effect
  43. Looking for a bag for dog shows/agility competitions. Makers bag? Parental unit?
  44. Which bag for travel via car?
  45. NFTD for THIS Minimalist Traveler!
  46. So what do you think the new product announcement will be on Saturday?
  47. Original halycan vs Black halycon
  48. Pilot or Cadet or EDC for papers/files
  49. Excited about what I think is an Imago
  50. New Use for 3D Organizer Cube ...
  51. Smart Alec to cut or not to cut?
  52. I bought a leather purse. (SCB love story)
  53. Which Product Is Best Toilet Kit for Men?
  54. Just a Thank You and Nod of Appreciation.
  55. 1 bagging with S25 and other travel light clothes
  56. Just received a Synapse 19 - Some first impressions and questions
  57. Synapse 25 vs Smart Alec
  58. PCBP inside Hero's Journey?
  59. Hole on back of co pilot
  60. RFID Passport Pouch--Pocket Substitute?
  61. Cordura v Halcyon v Ballistic
  62. Aeronaut, Parental Unit, and Sprout Design Updates Coming Soon!
  63. The Guide's Pack en route...
  64. Heads-up! The Tall Yarn Stuff Sack is retiring
  65. Adding O-Rings to Non-TB bags
  66. Label Chronology?
  67. PCSB external pocket inset
  68. Manly color choices vs Feminine choices
  69. Tall yarn sack was made for a growler
  70. Co-Pilot or MCB or ??
  71. Aeronaut 45's maiden trip ...
  72. NF Duffel or Synapse for cabin bag?
  73. Tri-Star, Aether Packing Cubes and Website
  74. Just got my Synapse 19 and need help
  75. Synapse Black Halcyon...Island or Iberian interior! Help!
  76. Recommendation for single overnight
  77. Cadet for overnight trips?
  78. WF as personal item/cabin bag?
  79. Anyone Wanna Share Shipping Cost To Malaysia very soon?
  80. Best customer service!
  82. Not having a zippered top on the Makers Bag is bothering me!
  84. Does the A30 PCBP fit in a Tri-Star?
  85. Washing bags- cat dander
  86. Color conundrum
  87. Bag Design Idea
  88. Unique Ego Buckle Strip
  89. Pilot Ballistic Black vs. Black Halcyon
  90. What camera insert are you using with your Brain Bag?
  91. Anybody with a Synapse 19 in Singapore?
  92. Synapse 19 - I know it's bad but do any of you use a washing machine?
  93. How has the synapse evolved?
  94. Attaching personal items to carry-on bags
  95. Can I Make my Hero's Journey More Water Resistant?
  96. Daylight Briefcase returning in Black Halcyon?
  97. Bring back the Original Citizen Canine please!
  98. Brain Bag vs Synapse 25 - Thoughts appreciated!
  99. Pic Request: Halcyon Pilot without a laptop
  100. How do you people do it?
  101. I really wish...
  102. Packing Strategy for Aeronaut 45
  103. New Aeronaut 45-first impressions vs. Patagonia MLC
  104. Steel Halcyon rocks!
  105. My husband wants a man purse :) so I just placed a big order for him.
  106. Parapack S19
  107. Aeronaut 45 / Pilot Combo vs. A45 / Night Flight Combo
  108. Daylight Briefcase User Comments?
  109. Debut anxiety. Should I order now or wait?
  110. Do Pilot zippers glide better over time?
  111. June debut guessing thread
  112. Side Kick - does ipad fit in it?
  113. Color switcheroo
  114. *INSIDER INFO w/Photo - My Musings on new things coming from TB
  115. Am I the only person who runs to my computer when a bag is back in stock?
  116. 3D Organizer Ordered!
  117. New Daylight Backpack Colors Coming?
  118. Double Organizer Pouch Urethane Issue?
  119. Does Anyone Know... (MCB question)
  120. Storing bags in space bags
  121. What is the difference
  122. A45 for Regional Jets?
  123. So much for my sleuthing
  124. co pilot side pocket size
  125. Debut: Back to the future?
  126. Daylight Backpack at Disney
  127. We Need to See Some MCB Action!!!
  128. More love for the Snake Charmer
  129. About that debut tomorrow...
  130. Summer 2017 Debut!
  131. For those of you that provided pre-debut hints..
  132. Cache for 10.5" iPad Pro
  133. Skip Owens: Tom Bihn Saved Me Twice In The Same Trip
  134. What kind of Bihnion are you?
  135. Are Brain Bag's dimensions OK for carry-on on most international flights?
  136. 10 days in Europe: 2 Amazing Tom Bihn Bags
  137. DIY Unicorn Halcyon or, Your best TB packing fails
  138. How do notifications work when new items are available?
  139. A bigger Luminary
  140. Halcyon Brain Bag
  141. Cache suggestion / hacks?
  142. A Question About Returns
  143. Smart Alec in NEW materials?
  144. Dream Color Combinations
  145. Aeronaut 30 in Ballistic Steel - Green Hue
  146. Moveable Feast-Fabulous Tutoring Bag!
  147. A question for those of you who have seen "Cloud" in person
  148. New Surface Pro = new Tom Bihn bag?
  149. Not in love :(
  150. I can't make a decision - Aeronaut size and colour - please help!
  151. Orig black dyneema discontinued?
  152. Prime Day fail.
  153. Why is it called the Luminary?
  154. DLBC in Black Halcyon
  155. Which bags will get the new thinner ballistic fabrics and colors?
  156. Want small travel day bag/purse, can't decide!
  157. Which bag(s) should I travel with on.....
  158. Cubelet Wish
  159. Non-First Aid First Aid Pouch.
  160. Cloud colored Luminary
  161. The Tom Bihn Business Model
  162. Would a Vertical/Horizontal cache be possible?
  163. Extremely upset at Mars Red!
  165. Key Straps?
  166. Yeoman Duffles, what everyday items and TB Bags fit in them?
  167. The Luminary/Cubelet/Q-kit: I have achieved OCD nirvana
  168. Thoughts on the Hero's Journey pack?
  169. Material Recommendations for first TB purchase.
  170. French Blue Discontinued?
  171. Did I get the last one?
  172. Thoughts on the new Colours? I've just ordered the black over canyon!
  173. Stowaway inbound
  174. Cache with Rails system for a MacBook Pro 15'' Non-Retina Mid 2012
  175. Water bottle sweat in Synapse
  176. S25 vs S19
  177. Finally got the S25 and have to send it back.
  178. Sadly, The Luminary doesn't appear to be for me (but OH! that Mars Red!)
  179. New materials for synapse
  180. iPad Pro: ristretto or cadet?
  181. Color List + News
  182. Recently Retired and Soon-To-Be Retired Designs
  183. Is 210 ballistic in coyote being used anywhere?
  184. A Smart Alec request!!! (Please, please, please)
  185. I really really really want to love the Luminary
  186. I Wonder If It Is Posdible??
  187. Houston we have a problem :)
  188. Which size Yeoman duffel bag?
  189. Aeronaught 30...Fooling myself?
  190. Zipper seal on Synapse 25
  191. Lockable Zipper Difficulties
  192. A New Aeronaut 30
  193. My new A30!
  194. Backpack Straps Question
  195. S25 w/ updated grab handle
  196. TB Quiver or something like it?
  197. Original halcyon Side Kick?
  198. Small Packing Cubes of the A30
  199. Color Comparison
  200. Small Packing Cubes vs End Pocket Packing Cubes
  201. Need help sorting this out
  202. Tri Star Questions
  203. Synapse 19 - What did you do to your bag?
  204. Brain Bags for 8 year olds
  205. "Your Order Has Been Delivered" Email Notification
  206. New Messenger Bags??
  207. First Aid bags that don't look like first aid bags?
  208. Need help: BIG new laptop
  209. Singing Hosannas!!!
  210. Mars Red/Dawn Combo
  211. Parental Unit Stroller straps
  212. Ink stain on Cloud luminary
  213. Brain Bag Ballistic Nylon Question
  214. Seeking your collective wisdom to pick out business bag
  215. Suggestjons for packing cube for Synapse 25
  216. Sizing UP
  217. Another Post about Western Flyer as a Briefcase (A45 spin)
  218. Brain Bag With Cordura Discontinued
  219. Q Kit and AirPods
  220. waxed canvas for TB bags?
  221. Bigger version of the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag
  222. Tristar as a personal item
  223. First Trip with Tom Bihn
  224. Cleaning my Bag: Ideas? (Bihn Baggers, Assemble!)
  225. Will there ever be organizer pouches in the new fabrics/colors?
  226. GOOD NEWS! a 13" Macbook Pro DOES fit in a Luminary!
  227. Got both the S19 and the S25 today...decision is made!
  228. 10.5 inch iPad Pro in Small Cafe Bag
  229. Parental Unit- Hacylon or Ballistic?
  230. DLBC as a diaper bag
  231. Is a lighter Empire Builder on the cards?
  232. Back Pain and Bags
  233. Thinking of New Commuting Bag...
  234. aeronaut 30 vs. 45 - weight difference
  235. Next Debut?
  236. 210 ballistic nylon vs halcyon as interior fabric
  237. Synapse 25 + Side Kick
  238. Hint: Adjusting the Road Duffel Shoulder Strap
  239. Is that Fiona who is the model on the Camp Mat picture on the front TomBihn page?
  240. Yeoman Duffles, the must have helper from move to fun.
  241. Sometimes I feel a little guilty....
  242. Brain bag in digital camo
  243. Synapse 25 and MBP protection question...
  244. Will A45, A30, WF, TS, Pilot or Co-Pilot be available in 525 Ballistic?
  245. Guide’s Pack vs Fjällräven Rucksack No. 1 30L
  246. Daylight BC/BP into a stuff sack?
  247. Q-kit clip stuck to Side Kick zipper. What do I do?
  248. Website Wishlist - Bag comparison tables and/or sizing guides
  249. New product cycle
  250. Would the smaller (bygone) Cadet fit a Lenovo Thinkpad T series?