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  1. I saw a (the?) Pilot Today!
  2. My New Co-Pilot Is Landing Today
  3. Regarding "Backorders"
  4. Question about color/fabric offerings
  5. Messenger Bag Packing Cube
  7. Synapse 25 & Guide's Pack in Parapack, why the difference in weight?
  8. Cardinal Comeback?
  9. TB soundtrack rocks
  10. New TB stuff and the unexpected consequence ....
  11. UPS My Choice
  12. Poll: Luggage Locks
  13. New Cafe Bag Options in 400d Dyneema
  14. Try a Brain Bag in Washington DC
  15. Video Request to the TB team
  16. Crew Meetings???
  17. Just got my Pilot! (keywords: Cadet, freudian slip, ipad mini, macbook air, folders)
  18. Carryology - best work messenger finalist - TB Founders Briefcase
  19. Bags with dyneema linings - color review/discussion
  20. tpnl's idea - Brain Cell with rails
  21. Something's Different on the Side Effect
  22. first test of Tri-Star for speed....
  23. My Love/Hate Duality Of Tom Bihn Bags
  24. Smart Alec and Imago snuggling
  25. New Aeronaut for Me!
  26. Double vision, BOO.P.S. and Wonderful customer service
  27. My primary problem with my Brain Bag so far
  28. A surprising color combo that works
  29. The Synapse 19 is now available in Nordic/Solar
  30. Perfect Packing Cube for S19
  31. Carryology: Tom Bihn Synapse 25 wins best Carry-On!!!
  32. Aeronaut Junior, Where Art Thou?
  33. The return of Cordura Synapse options
  34. Two kinds of people?
  35. Another reason to love Tom Bihn -- Customer Service
  36. Size of the New Micro Coyote Pouch?
  37. Tom Bihn Tackk's
  38. Selling underused Tom Bihn bags to make room for new ones
  39. Using Eagle Creek Cubes In Aeronaut Bag
  40. Increase to cost of international shipping?
  41. Another convert
  42. Ballistic Co-Pilot doesn't work for me
  43. Darcy, any plans to make Little Swift in new colors: especially Nordic [please]?
  44. Acronyms Guide
  45. request: O ring for outside pocket on Super Ego
  46. An open letter to Darcy
  47. Missed it AGAIN!
  48. Not a conventional Tom Bihn bag, but...
  49. My 9yo daughter is becoming quite the TB fan....
  50. What happened to the synapse 25 in parapack?
  51. Someone please tell me I need to buy a Tri-Star!
  52. Aeronaut backorders
  53. Lesson Learned
  54. Double Organizer Pouch
  55. Now I *know* I'm addicted...
  56. Tom Bihn Sighting, Orlando!
  57. How often do color selections change? Does it depend on the item?
  58. Online Color Samples
  59. A new line — Flocculent by TOM BIHN
  60. We're temporarily out of: Steel, Wasabi, and Iberian 200d Dyneema/nylon
  61. Tri-Star Backordered. Wait for Aeronaut mini?
  62. My first order placed!
  63. Store Visit and my first TB bag(s)!
  64. Dyneema Colors
  65. New colors: Kelly, French Blue, and Steel in the Cafe Bag
  66. placed first order
  67. Cool information about Dyneema
  68. Smaller sized body hugging bag
  69. Mini Aeronaut
  70. Problem with Side Effect waist belt twisting
  71. Ristretto in Dyneema anytime soon?
  72. My first ultra-light weekend trip--wish me luck!
  73. Tough as can be!
  74. Kudos on TB's New Return Process
  75. Info on Co-Pilot color options
  76. Interchangeable fronts
  77. Cycling seat bag- "Roadie"
  78. Bag size needed Pilot, Western Flyer or would a Synapse 25 be ok??
  79. Official Aeronaut 30 Thread
  80. Is the Large Nordic Shop Bag gone ... forever??
  81. New! Forum Round-Up on the blog
  82. SCB photo is different now!
  83. A smaller Smart Alec?
  84. Tom Bihn bags as art
  85. WOW - Thank you!
  86. Turned my 3D Clear Organizer Cube inside out
  87. UPS is being very, very odd.
  88. Thoughts on modifying the 400d PCSB to be a mini horizontal messenger bag
  89. Who else is checking the blog multiple times a day to see if there are announments?
  90. Is there a name for my illness?
  91. First order, but disappointed...
  92. pricing changes and a question about Aeronaut
  93. Nordic is fading out...
  94. I am spatially challenged
  95. Suspicious one bag travel
  96. Iberian Small Shop Bag Gone Already?!?!?
  97. Are the Aubergine SE and the Linen/Navy MCB discontinued?!?!
  98. Update on Backorders
  99. Suggestion - small medium organiser or double organiser
  100. Auronaut and Easyjet
  101. Burnt Orange, backorders, and the most thoughtful customer service ever!
  102. Huzzah! Aeronaut on the way!
  103. Side Effect as a Wash bag / Kit
  104. Design change suggestion.
  105. Two small website issues
  106. Adjustable length key strap
  107. A letter to the new gunmetal zipper
  108. How are you passing time till the new items debut in June?
  109. Guide 's Pack Accessories
  110. Smaller Carry-on Sizes (United, Delta, American)
  111. Caveat emptor
  112. 3d cube as purse
  113. Synapse 25 (and possibly others?) suggested addition
  114. Am I reading too much into this?
  115. Nordic Dyneema Synpase 19 for Mom's birthday present
  116. Perspectives on Size...
  117. I pledge this is my last order till the new debuts
  118. Portable Culture Club
  119. TB Bag/Activity Matrix
  120. Burnt Orange is AWESOME
  121. Spoiled
  122. Those unexpected TB encounters
  123. Darcy, some hints please
  124. This may help, :-/
  125. Starting up the 24 hour countdown clock
  126. Laundry bag
  127. So what did you order?!
  128. Night Flight
  129. With all these great options, could we see a size comparison?
  130. Synapse 25 in WHAT color?!
  131. Order for store pickup
  132. Daylight Backpack
  133. Any more product announcements expected?
  134. Homemade Packing Folder for the Aeronaut
  135. Anyone else surprised by Aero 30 Price?
  136. What Other Tom Bihn Fans Use Rollerboard Luggage?
  137. Which steel fabric has the green hue?
  138. Request for slight Cafe Bag redesign
  139. 'O' ring tape
  140. Letīs create the TB Dauntless Fraternity
  141. DOG gear-- because my dog deserves her own TB bag: when?
  142. Checkpoint Flyer?
  143. Has Linen always been this awesome?
  144. Can we talk about Navy?
  145. why only UPS?
  146. How do you get box art?
  147. More stuff in coyote please!!
  148. "We have Tom Bihn bags. We can do anything!"
  149. what's in your pouch?
  150. So what do you see coming?!
  151. Pilot
  152. Tom Bihn takes over the world
  153. extra pocket pouch or padded mini pouch for a leatherman holder (gift)
  154. Do not offer a dyneema co-pilot ever again
  155. Large Double Organizer Pouch!
  156. My Pilot ate my lunch! (In a good way)
  157. Waiting for Field Journal Notebook
  158. Steely McSteelpants
  159. Why do I keep calling it the NightFlyer?
  160. Aeronaut 30 vs Aeronaut 45 versatility
  161. I just noticed that the Warrior Buckles...
  162. New Colors in Medium Cafe
  163. ISO older synapse (19) in dyneema
  164. Different Material = Different Perception
  165. Large Pilot Packing Cube Fits Beautifully in Synapse 25
  166. Gave the Travel Tray as a gift and...
  167. First batch of Aubergine/Wasabi Aeronaut 30s closed?
  168. Did no-one notice?
  169. Did they add new colors for the Side Effect and LCB along with the S19 today?
  170. Hold presses - Western Flyers back on website!
  171. Shop bags in more colors!
  172. Co-Pilot ETA?
  173. Western Flyer is Baaaack!
  174. Purist label dilemma!
  175. I'm up to nearly $1200 in TB Gear
  176. < Whine > We need some color!
  177. why no loops on small outside pouches on night flight duffle
  178. It rained for about 10 minutes today....
  179. SOLD OUT!
  180. Larger Pilot?
  181. I didn't need a new small bag, but I pulled the trigger on one anyways
  182. Another New Convert
  183. Request: All-fabric DOPs
  184. the ALL page on the website missing the new guys
  185. Tom, You had me at...
  186. Now Available/Back In Stock
  187. Stolen Brain Bag
  188. Backordered items
  189. Tom Bihn bag being used in Gaza during Israeli/Palestinian conflict [Video]
  190. 2014 Fall Colors Co-Pilot
  191. I have Portable Culture!
  192. Ristretto for 11" MacBook Air Removed?
  193. Field Journal Notebook - is it coming soon?
  194. A TB product I'd like to see: mini-wallet
  195. Does anyone have a Skookum Dog medium duffle?
  196. Is it just me, or has it been a bit quiet...
  197. Will the Synapse be offered in Coyote?
  198. It's official .... my first order of TB stuff heading down under.
  199. Backorder Updates/Back In Stock
  200. Thoughts on my new TB acquisitions
  201. Recent New Blog's Posts: TPNL’s TB Design Spotlight
  202. Tom Bihn should be nominated for this
  203. Thin Business Briefcase
  204. What is this?
  205. Received Forest Pilot
  206. Look at what "just happened to be hanging around" the TB store!
  207. Hello and New Pilot
  208. New to me, Part, the Tactical Link
  209. What I'd like to see in a Nightflight 2.0
  210. Cache with rails...going both ways
  211. Filling TB bags/pouches with the 10 essentials
  212. Wonderful review of the Founder Briefcase
  213. I hope this is not the start of a dangerous relationship...
  214. Dyneema drawstring bag
  215. Packing a big hoodie
  216. New 1050d Ballistic Nylon Colour coming soon??
  217. Got my Nordic today!
  218. Any pics of the new GREY yet??
  219. Blog post on the Id
  220. Shop Bag Gratitude
  221. My travels with my new Western Flyer and Synapse 19
  222. The Night Flight in flight
  223. Empire Builder colors
  224. Dimensions of the center compartment in Night Flight Duffel
  225. I see a new grey option on the Synapse 19--PICS??!
  226. Side Effect Problem
  227. Sounds like a job for . . .
  228. Revive the "Get them before they're gone!" thread?
  229. Synapse 25 for travel?
  230. Folding Board for Aeronaut or other TB bags.
  231. Daylight backpack fits a Macbook pro retina "15
  232. Bring back the Imago!
  233. Working on the weekend...
  234. Coyote and Burnt Orange
  235. Is this grey or steel?
  236. Order now or wait?
  237. Hanging Snake Charmer
  238. Introducing Verde 1050d ballistic nylon + the updated Aeronaut 45
  239. Road Trip Luggage?
  240. Aeronaut 30 vs 45 vs Tri-Star HELP
  241. Grocery Bags in the News
  242. Pretentiousness Warented
  243. Aeronaut 30 Interior Dimensions and Packing Recommendations
  244. 25th Wedding Anniversary trip and Tom Bihn bags
  245. Updated Aeronaut 45 used as one compartment
  246. Capacity of Nano and Micro Coyote Pouches
  247. New color combos for the Side Effect!
  248. Any chance of Tom Bihn Cat Accessories?
  249. Is it just my imagination or does the Pilot now have some non-backordered selections?
  250. Bag spotting