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  1. Ristretto iPhone pocket size
  2. Question about Little Swift
  3. 3-inch binder - Smart Alec or S25?
  4. Would a Smart Alec's gatekeeper straps fit over a luggage handle?
  5. Bottle Pockets on Synapses
  6. United Airlines Carry on
  7. Smart Alec
  8. Advice on new vs. old Aeronaut 45
  9. Is the Synapse 25 right for me?
  10. Smart Alec- Dyneema or Ballistic
  11. Make your Stuff Sack into an Organizer Pouch
  12. Zipper questions for the Synapse 25
  13. Will this fit in a DOP?
  14. Which Cache?
  15. Brain Bag as hiking pack?
  16. Labels or Tags
  17. Synapse Freudian Slip questions
  18. Synapse 25/ Snake Charmer question
  19. A30 Packing Cubes
  20. Tristar zippers
  21. Organizer pouch questions
  22. tiny holes in my Synapse 25
  23. Use Guides Pack Pockets on my trekking backpack
  24. Shorten Strap?
  25. How do you use the "bottle pocket" in the Co-Pilot?
  26. Tom Bihn Factory Store - Stock Availability
  27. Why do you love the Absolute Strap? (I don't get it)
  28. Small Cafe Bag color
  29. Brain Bag questions
  30. SA lower modular pocket in aubergine
  31. Tri-Star vs. Brain Bag....More likely.....
  32. Flaw in Brain Bag + Vertical Brain cell
  33. A clear urethane pocket on the Daylight Backpack and Daylight Briefcase?
  34. Help with the One-Bag, Under Seat, Tom Bihn Solution
  35. Carrying papers, writing utensils in new Daylight Briefcase?
  36. Aeronaut : flap opening direction ?
  37. Carrying comfort: Aeronaut 30 vs Synapse 25?
  38. lazyweb: water bottle pocket
  39. Help planning a Synapse 25 purchase
  40. What is your favorite color combinations
  41. How well does a Side Effect fit in a Little Swift?
  42. Aeronaut 45, but possibly the 30
  43. Replace Land's End Square Rigger With Cadet? Or?
  44. Cadet Questions (also considering Pilot)
  45. Dyneema Pros and cons
  46. Which accessories have internal O-rings?
  47. Pilot - Exterior Material and PCSB in (Ballistic) Back Pocket of Pilot
  48. Will a Side Effect fit inside...
  49. Is the TB Checkpoint Flyer obsolete now?
  50. The Guide's Pack to Replace a Tri-star (!)
  51. Help me decide between a small or medium cafe bag
  52. Can't decide on a color for my Synapse 25!
  53. Problem with Daylight Backpack Zip
  54. Travel Laundry Stuff Sacks
  55. Freudian Slip in Longchamp Le Pliage Totebag?
  56. Strap on MCB twisting around itself a lot
  57. Stuff sack cord problem
  58. Does Anyone Use Pins on Dyneema Bags?
  59. Sewing patches on my Synapse 25: sacrilege or good idea?
  60. Tom Bihn Bags as Purs - where can they go?
  61. Large Ballistic Op and 3-D Mesh Organizer questions
  62. Custom color combinations (Aeronaut 45)
  63. About to buy first TB - Cafe Bag vs DLBC
  64. Parental Unit as EDC?
  65. Where art thou Large Cafe Bag?
  66. Packing for 3 weeks in UK next November
  67. iPad Air 2 Cache
  68. Shipping to Canada
  69. Is it possible to fit an iPad mini into a Side Effect?
  70. DLBC accessories?
  71. Traveling solo with kids, which bag would you recommend? Needs to fit under seat..
  72. Aeronaut 30 or 45?
  73. Aeronaut 45
  74. Co-Pilot Strap
  75. If not a Tom Bihn, then... what?
  76. Going Beyond an S25 for Longer Trips
  77. A30 for Two Week Trip?
  78. Large cafe bag or Swift or?
  79. Luggage Tags
  80. The difference between old and new zippers S25
  81. $50 Gift Certificate -- Should I spend it on TB bags?
  82. Supplementing the Synapse 25
  83. How to order standard shoulder strap?
  84. Dyneema Question
  85. 10 pound carry on limit
  86. New Puppy, New Bag
  87. Question (thats probably stupid)
  88. Coyote Cadet
  89. Synapse side and back bottom panel material
  90. Color confusion
  91. Considering the Smart Alec
  92. Stripe in Super Ego and the brain cell
  93. Long end pockets
  94. Brain Bag? Smart Alec? Synapse 25?
  95. One week trip, 1 adult and one child..carry on only?
  96. Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap
  97. Aeronaut 30, for me? and steel/uv gone forever?
  98. Aeronaut 45 and overhead bins (RJs)
  99. Steel Dyneema / Solar questions
  100. Aeronaut 30 and laptop?
  101. How bright is French Blue?
  102. Aeronaut 45 can be locked with padlock through zippers?
  103. Please help me choose color combo on Aeronaut 45 for a guy
  104. Cafe bag buckles
  105. Insanely specific question about 13" Ristretto and Bose Headphones
  106. Current lead times on Big Brain Bags and accesoiries?
  107. Aeronaut 30 in Europe or UK
  108. Pre-Production Synapse - How Many Are Out There?
  109. Brain Bag materials
  110. Favorite organizer: stuff sacks
  111. Deciding between Aeronaut 45 vs 30
  112. clean cork pouches of cat urine
  113. Does the Western Flyer have rail loops?
  114. Pack Dress Shirts in an Aeronaut
  115. Newbie- Help me with 3D Clear Organizer Cube please & I missed my favorite blues.
  116. Small Cafe Bag for 5 year old?
  117. Insulated Water Bottles for Co-Pilot
  118. Ballistic Synapse
  119. What bag did I buy on eBay?
  120. New here, what should we buy to travel to Italy with for 3weeks?
  121. Was There Ever A Steel/UV Dyneema SE?
  122. Another Aeronaut 30 vs 45 decision
  123. One big carry-on bag
  124. Does the Nordic Dyneema color still exist?
  125. Synapse 19/25
  126. Horizontal Freudian Slip and backpacks
  127. Have you ever "checked" your Aeronaut45?
  128. Why is the absolute shoulder strap different prices?
  129. Add a hip belt to an Aeronaut?
  130. Is the strap on MCB comfy, or better to get LCB w/absolute shoulder strap?
  131. Previous-genreration Brain Bag questions
  132. Tris Star and Travel Stuff Sack
  133. Question about steel dyneema /solar dyneema
  134. Comprehensive list of packing cube sizes/codes
  135. Largest Synapse 25 stuff sack that fits in the side pockets?
  136. Key Straps Length Question
  137. What fits in the Synapse 19 side pockets?
  138. Zippered Divider End Pockets, Aeronaut 30
  139. What material is best for the Large Organizer Pouch?
  140. An... unconventional camera bag
  141. Mini/Small OPs - Ballistic Nylon vs Cordura
  142. How to get curry stains out of my ultraviolet 3D cube?
  143. Packing cube backpack versus Daylight backpack
  144. LCB or Co Pilot?
  145. Attention Night Flight-ers!
  146. Parapack
  147. Need Bag advice for possible trip to Disney World
  148. UV zipper pulls
  149. Snakecharmer...I have got questions
  150. Black/Iberian Aeronaut 45... gone forever?
  151. Dyneema bag with Vislon zippers?
  152. Can't decide between small and medium cafe bag
  153. Carrying a Hydration Reservoir/Bladder in TB Backpacks
  154. S25 Size Remorse? Help!
  155. What TB bag for Personal Item on long flight?
  156. Need Suggestion for new bag
  157. Will my Thinkpad laptop fit in a Pilot?
  158. How many O-Rings?
  159. Co-Pilot Questions
  160. Which colour is this?
  161. Question about the Daylight Briefcase
  162. Organising Accessories Questions
  163. Need a bag combo for guy - everyday bag & travel
  164. Anyone have a SCB in the coyote/olive combo?
  165. Does the Synapse 19 or 25 stand up by itself?
  166. broken zipper pull on my Synapse
  167. O-rings in Side Effect
  168. Smart Alec bag fix
  169. Ballistic vs Dyneema A30 - durability question
  170. Travel Stuff Sacks or Yarn Stuff Sacks
  171. Small Shop Bag as EDC?
  172. Washing a bunch of dyneema products
  173. Nook Simple Touch Pouch question / iPad Mini storage
  174. Can a Cache work as a business meeting "bag"?
  175. Pilot with 15" Macbook Pro Retina Cache w/ Rails?
  176. Any ideas how to secure S25 while at restaurants?
  177. Co-pilot accessories?
  178. mbpr in a co-pilot
  179. Where to put Aeronaut strap when not in use?
  180. Bag decoration questions (Pins, buttons, patches, etc.)
  181. 3 Weeks in Japan with an Aeronaut 45 and a Pilot
  182. Navy Blue Synapse 25
  183. Best choice for a Camera Bag
  184. Smart Alec & Gate Keeper straps as compression
  185. Smart Alec limited nylon selection
  186. Recommendations for a ~5 liter shoulder bag with zippers and lots of compartments
  187. Seam tape at back of Pilot abrading wool clothes?!
  188. Sunglasses
  189. A30 as a personal item?
  190. Western Flyer for "nice" travel?
  191. What color imago is this?
  192. Cadet and packing cubes?
  193. What is this strap?
  194. New macbook case
  195. Tactical Link out of stock?
  196. Talkies and EDC
  197. Use of ultrasuede screen cloth on eyeglasses
  198. Side Effect vs Aeronaut waist straps
  199. Smart Alec/Brain Cell for a 1.25" thick laptop?
  200. Hello .. and a request for suggestions on bags for mobile office
  201. Travel Stuff Sack Help
  202. PU, S25 or NFTD
  203. Copilot vs DLBC
  204. Thoughts on the RFID Blocking Passport Pouch
  205. Smart Alec zips
  206. Add zipper to MCB?
  207. Cache in older Brain Bag
  208. Side Effect vs Spiff Kit
  209. Number of O-Rings in the Zephyr
  210. Which size Q-kit is the "new" one?
  211. Large Cafe in Dyneema - Comments wanted!
  212. Is the Cafe Bag too feminine? Looking for day bag for husband, non-backpack
  213. Good place to start? DLBP and A30?
  214. Attaching Synapse 25 to Rolling Luggage
  215. Field Journal Notebook as Knitting Journal?
  216. In Search of the Perfect Bag
  217. Brain Cell in a Cadet
  218. Swift question
  219. Mini Ipad Cache
  220. Case for sunglasses
  221. Pocket Pouches - what colors have you seen lately?
  222. Study Abroad Day Trip Bag
  223. Swift
  224. Cleaning help sought
  225. Latest Co-Pilot design - pockets in main compartment
  226. Am I crazy? Maybe (for burnt orange)
  227. Smart Alec - Will it fit?
  228. Question about pouches
  229. Are there other dynemma colors available for the Tristar ?
  230. Swift photo?
  231. Parental Unit in Dyneema?
  232. question about spiff kit deluxe
  233. Help me! Synapse 19 or 25?
  234. So, hopefully a fun question
  235. Travel Laundry Stuff Sacks for Swim Suits?
  236. Organizing my Synapse 25
  237. My Wife Says - No Rollers? No More!
  238. Nexus 9 Tablet and Night Flyer
  239. Clip question
  240. Calling orange lovers!
  241. Who uses those zipper pulls & cords that come with the SE, CP, etc?
  242. NFTD
  243. Looking for a Backup Knitting Bag Either the ID or the Ego
  244. Storage
  245. Pilot in Dyneema: Opinions?
  246. Co-pilot as EDC
  247. Advice for a new Bag for MacBook (12") + a Trip to Europe
  248. Synapse 25 Color Choices!
  249. How Waterproof/Repellent is the PCSB?
  250. Synapse 25 struggles - doesn't seem to carry much!