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  1. Question on colors
  2. What fabric type is Orange 152?
  3. Tristar instead of carry on roller?
  4. Coyote Synapse 25
  5. Attaching a Key Strap to a Cache
  6. New Medical Bag & Suggestions for organization
  7. Snake Charmer in DLBC
  8. PCSB in black Dyneema / PCBP in Nordic?
  9. Portable Culture
  10. Swift Colors
  11. Dynema
  12. Field Jounal as knitting case?
  13. What size laptop fits in a 2XL brain cell?
  14. Cache options for Thinkpad T450s
  15. Carrying a Daylight Backpack
  16. NFTD on inner european flights
  17. Quick question re: padded pouches
  18. Questions: Clear Quarter Packing Cube & Parapack 3d Mesh Organizer
  19. COPILOT - coyote vs verde
  20. DLBP in Aeronaut
  21. 11" MBA in MCB?
  22. Smart Alec Upper Modular Pocket (SA UMP) and Small Cafe Bag (SCB)
  23. Large Cafe Bag - Standard or Absolute Shoulder Strap?
  24. parental unit
  25. 3D Clear & Mesh Organizer Color Help!
  26. Pilot or Co-Pilot?
  27. LCB
  28. Daylight Backpack vs. Daylight Briefcase for carrying a laptop on a bicycle
  29. Share Shipping Costs to Australia anyone?
  30. Wasabi DLBP colors
  31. Can you tell me which bag looks better?.....Pics
  32. RFID Blocking Passport Pouch
  33. What pouch is this?
  34. Packing A mens business suit in A30
  35. Interior colors of Daylight Backpacks
  36. Is the Pilot right for me?
  37. potential Burnt Orange Smart Alec offering?
  38. A question about roller bags in general
  39. Ego for minimalist travel
  40. Uses for Lead's Pocket?
  41. Cheater D's?
  42. Small pouch to go on messenger bag/backpack strap?
  43. Small v Medium Cafe Bag -- I know, I know, tons of other threads!
  44. Uses for Micro Padded Organizer Pouch
  45. Considering stuff sacks for my Polaroid
  46. Confused about exchange
  47. Cache size for Chromebook Pixel
  48. question on Aeronaut
  49. NFTD Delima
  50. Stuff Sacks, Organizer Pouches, Packing Cubes... What sizes?
  51. First-Time Dad, First-Time Tom Bihn Buyer
  52. Colors of COW?
  53. Little Swift as a day bag
  54. Brain Cells and MacBook Pro Retinas
  55. Pilot Bag - design issue/question?
  56. Smart Alec and/or Brain Bag in one color
  57. Synapse 25 strap: Make it "grippier"
  58. When did Co-Pilot zipper change occur?
  59. Pet Fur a Synapse Deal-Breaker?
  60. TS PCBP - what colors has it come in?
  61. Cafe bag question
  62. Aeronaut 30 or Western Flyer?
  63. Aeronaut 45
  64. Aeronaut 30 or Smart Alec as a carry-on?
  65. Wristlet?
  66. New easyJet Carryon Regulations
  67. Cat Pee!
  68. Backpacks and warm climate
  69. Large shop bag capacity in liters?
  70. Bag for grad school residency?
  71. daylight briefcase in brain bag?
  72. DLBP question
  73. TB at the gym?
  74. OP for checkbook?
  75. DSLR Camera in Synapse Front Pocket?
  76. Microsoft Surface 3 Cache?
  77. Best TB camera bag + insert combo for extended photo trip in France
  78. Best color of LCB given the colors I wear?
  79. Navy SCB
  80. French Blue or black
  81. How well does the Packing Cube Backpack Aeronaut 45 w/ A30?
  82. Anyone use a Western Flyer as multi-purpose luggage?
  83. Another "To Pilot or not to Pilot"?
  84. Pilot...which shoulder strap.
  85. Dyneema UMP/LMP cost more
  86. Best in-flight bag to accompany the Aeronaut 45?
  87. Aeronaut 30 & 45 questions
  88. About to take the plunge...just one step left...(Brain Bag related)
  89. Shoe bag for A30: end pocket or WF small packing cube?
  90. Organize Synapse 25
  91. DLBP photos
  92. Will a Pilot fit inside a Tri-Star?
  93. What changed in the Synapse 19 between the old and the new version?
  94. Dimensions of Cache for 12" MacBook
  95. Dyneema and bulging
  96. Quick shop bag question
  97. What Tom Bihn product might fit a particular small object?
  98. New dyneema colors in pocket pouches
  99. Question about the size of the Synapse 19
  100. Last Synapse 19 Question - Looking for a pouch to clip onto the shoulder strap
  101. question about the drawstring closure of the new citizen canine
  102. Empire Builder - horizontal Cache - quick question
  103. Removing Night Flight's foam pad while traveling?
  104. Kobo in small padded organizer pouch
  105. Sunscreen and TB fabrics
  106. S25 - Freudian Slip - Anyone using the bag for travel use the FS?
  107. 2-4 day business travel bag combo advice
  108. S25 User Considering Smart Alec
  109. Help! What am I doing wrong? Aeronaut rolls at the bottom in backpack mode.
  110. Materials in the Smart Alec?
  111. Wondering if the A30 is too small for me.
  112. Will the co-pilot fit a rMBA 13?
  113. S25 or S19 Freudian Slip to help retain shape
  114. Which bag
  115. How can I confirm I bought an A45 off of eBay?
  116. Smart Alec Question
  117. Synapse 25 question about weight
  118. Brain Bag Customization - need help!
  119. Plea for help: folding a shop bag
  120. Burnt Orange Tri-Star?
  121. Freudian Slip
  122. Which bag is this?
  123. Slicing and dicing the Smart Alec internals
  124. Advice on a companion bag!
  125. Tri-star to A30 transition
  126. Advice on a toiletry kit
  127. When does Dyneema get introduced as an option?
  128. Yet another bag advice thread (EDC/travel backpack for a short person)
  129. Cut Synapse strap tails shorter?
  130. Advice--Best "Teacher" Bag?
  131. Will the Tri-Star work for me?
  132. Organisational help
  133. Help please!
  134. WF or TriStar and I will be checking a bag on an overseas flight
  135. EDC Backpack......
  136. Best way to remove an oil stain from dyneema?
  137. Travel Bag for a petite girl
  138. Carry-on restrictions with the Aeronaut 30 and 45
  139. When TB starts carrying a bag in a new color...
  140. Aeronaut 45 with packing cubes + horizontal freudian slip
  141. Synapse 19 and 15" Macbook Pro Retina
  142. Which backpack: Brain bag/Synapse or both
  143. Overnight with a suit -- Is there a good TB option?
  144. Steel as an interior
  145. How do you like your Road Duffel?
  146. Will the Synapse 19 or Synapse 15 fit a 32 oz. wide mouth Nalgene?
  147. Pilot or Co-pilot?
  148. question about spiff kit
  149. Co-Pilot: Will it fit?
  150. Will the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag fit in the Night Flight?
  151. Traveling with a partially empty Aeronaut 45
  152. Travel Laundry Stuff Sack with the tri-star?
  153. A Mini Cafe Bag?
  154. Aeronaut 45 as only backpack?
  155. A question of style
  156. Enablement, er, advice required
  157. Another bag advice please
  158. New SA--not sure it's the right bag for me
  159. Help me pick a birthday present for my hubby
  160. europe
  161. Aero 45 for business travel
  162. Shop bag with shoulder strap
  163. Synapse 25 big enough for me?
  164. Synapse 19 bottom pocket
  165. What stuff it sack for gym clothes?
  166. EDCing a phablet?
  167. Ristretto padding
  168. Surface Pro 3
  169. Accessories for Daylight Backpack?
  170. A30: Verde/NWS or wait for Steel/UV?
  171. Ego Stripe/Color Suggestion
  172. Using Tri-Star Packing Cube Backpack with Gatekeeper Rails in Synapse 25
  173. Navy ballistic / Wasabi Dyneema combo (especially PILOT)
  174. Vertical freudian slip with Aeronaut 45 packing cube backpack?
  175. Tri-star, Pilot and a 15 inch mac book pro...
  176. Vertical Freudian Slip in a Guides Pack?
  177. Large Cafe bag
  178. zipper on Q kit
  179. Has anyone ever gotten a laptop in a cache through security?
  180. Brain cell in Synapse?
  181. Brain Bag for travel?
  182. Striped Outside on Smart Alec & S25
  183. TB Newbie questions! Short person, Aeronaut 30 + Pilot for conference travel?
  184. A30 vs. A45?! & 14"/15.6" laptop in TB Cache fits securely in Aeronaut 30/45?
  185. Daylight Backpack: bag-check issues in museums/sights? & any compact storage hacks?
  186. S25 + Aeronaut45 for Travel
  187. Double Organizer Pouch iPhone6+
  188. Cubes for A30? Do people use them?
  189. Eagle Creek Packing Folders in Aeronaut
  190. Snake Charmer in end pocket of Aeronaut 30?
  191. Bus pass pouch for Kindergartener?
  192. Ballistic Aeronaut 30 inside a Tristar?
  193. Pilot or Co-Pilot
  194. Trying to decide for work carry
  195. Brain bag padded hip belt
  196. Cadet is the right one for me??
  197. Side Effect attached to Medium Cafe Bag?
  198. Carrying lunch to work in my Synapse 19?
  199. Followup on travel with the Pilot/Aeronaut combo
  200. Which is more waterproof?
  201. Bag(s) for week-long trip to London
  202. Organizer Pouches, Freudian Slip, Q-tip, oh my...
  203. Carrying a bike helmet
  204. How does a dyneema small cafe bag fit in an S19?
  205. First Time Poster - Transitioning from Backpack to Empire Builder Questions
  206. Synapse 19 to Co-Pilot?
  207. Photo Request for Decision Help: AUB/WAS vs BLACK/WAS
  208. Any hacks for older Brain Bag to get a cache on rail to work?
  209. Founders Briefcase or Pilot for commuters?
  210. Aeronaut 30 + ? = Super Combo!
  211. Western Flyer Question
  212. Multicolour Dyneema inside A30 backpack compartment
  213. Packing Cube Shoulder Bag for exhibiting at trade show? Or is Copilot better?
  214. Pilot - Before I Buy
  215. Synapse 19 Freudian Slip in larger bags
  216. Packing Cubes for A45, and I thought this would be easy.
  217. Which Cache for the iPad Air 2 + case
  218. Short Business Travel Bag Suggestions
  219. Super Ego shoulder strap question
  220. Advice on carry-on travel
  221. Low profile day bag to pack in aeronaut
  222. Suggestion for EDC backpack?
  223. question about Dyneema Co-Pilot
  224. Colors for LCB
  225. Is 1050D ballistic nylon the strongest?
  226. Kids backpack recommendations?
  227. Ristretto 'v' Co-Pilot pictures
  228. Co-Pilot questions
  229. What is my perfect setup?
  230. Quiz Question - which current TB bag is this?
  231. Dyneema cafe bags
  232. Freudian Slip in PCBP in back of A45?
  233. Spirit Airlines - Personal Item Bag and Accessory Recommendations
  234. Eagle Creek or Ebags packing cubes for Aeronaut 45
  235. Smart Alec to bungie or not to bungie
  236. Co-Pilot color question
  237. DLBP as packing cube inside Synapse 25?
  238. Color question--on the blog today
  239. Night Flight Travel Duffle and shoes...
  240. Synapse 25 and water bottles
  241. Cafe Bag O-rings just one more, please
  242. Cadet - with or without the Cache?
  243. Seeking Advice on a new Carry-on
  244. Aeronaut 45, zipper pulls and locks
  245. Clear wallet yellowing?
  246. Co-Pilot O-ring question
  247. Road Duffel
  248. Questions and recommended accessories for Side Effect and Synapse 19
  249. 3-1-WHAT?
  250. ID Bag Now or Wait?