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  1. Brain Bag -- Hip Belt
  2. Protective case for mirrorless camera: padded organizer pouch?
  3. Buzz Alternative?
  4. Medium Cafe Bag Freudian Slip
  5. Question about a vintage bag
  6. Weaving tote bag?
  7. S25 for all my gear?
  8. Side Effect Shoulder Strap - does it work with PCSB?
  9. Frame Sheet for the Brain Bag
  10. An odd question about a box, not a bag
  11. Idea for Spiff Kit mirror replacement?
  12. Holes behind Tom Bihn logo on Shop Bag normal?
  13. Clipping Bags to Seatback Pockets
  14. Question about the *new* Original Halcyon
  15. Sacrilege
  16. Carrying Documents
  17. Internal dimensions of the Aeronaut 30 & 45
  18. PCBP Sizes
  19. Do I want a Side Effect?
  20. Packing Cube for Synapse 25
  21. Which key strap length is most useful?
  22. Ristretto Vs. Cafe Bag (M)
  23. Swift Vs MCB Vs MB
  24. Synapse 25 vs Smart Alec
  25. Makers Bag and 15" rMBP
  26. Black vs Nordic Halcyon
  27. What is the red light for?
  28. S25 holes?
  29. Strap that cinches *really* tight?
  30. Bag Material Question
  31. Aeronaut 45 and getting around budget carriers restrictions
  32. BB padded hip belt for Synapse 25
  33. ISO Parental Unit enabling arguments
  34. Packing Cubes and decisions for Aeronaut 30/45 or Tri-Star
  35. WF: What are the clippy thingies for?
  36. How much can you REALLY fit in the Synapse 25?
  37. Question About Synapse 19 + Side Effect
  38. Daylight BP vs Packing Cube BP vs ?
  39. Some size/capacity questions on the Parental Unit
  40. Is the Brain Bag my best choice & will it be made with the Black Halcyon?
  41. Best "Souvenir" Bag?
  42. Side Effect in a Medium Cafe Bag
  43. Makers Bag -- Coffee and Paperwork?
  44. Synapse 19 + Hydroflask 21oz Standard Mouth
  45. Parapack
  46. Small Cafe bag dimensions
  47. Poron handles of the Nordic Swift
  48. Just saw this on Tumblr!
  49. Recommend me some accessories for my Pilot
  50. Jamming a slightly-to-large Thinkpad t460s in a 6Z brain cell?
  51. A30 + PCSB + Laundry Stuff Sack
  52. Synapse 25 & Spirit Airlines?
  53. Pilot - Main compartment question
  54. Synapse Dilema - Help Please
  55. Moveable Feast Box Size
  56. Can the Daylight Briefcase hold a water bottle and a laptop?
  57. New to the Forum and New Vintage Bag
  58. New S25 - time to get organized
  59. A30
  60. Orange 152
  62. Swift - Do I wait for Aubergine/Wasabi?
  63. Plein Air Smart Alec is now cat bag
  64. Brain Cell help
  65. Bit of advice before I purchase
  66. Trading in PU for A30 or A45
  67. Co-Pilot interior pockets size Vs. Pilot
  68. Big Laptop Help
  69. are little swifts discontinued?
  70. removing makeup stains from halcyon
  71. Night Flight Duffel and Books
  72. Bulge on lower back of Aeronaut in Backpack Mode
  73. Leads Pocket in a S25
  74. Spot Cleaning Cafe Bag
  75. Medium Cafe Bag as personal item on flight - do you recommend Halcyon or Cordura?
  76. Looking for Small Bag/Pouch for Use on Aeroplane
  77. Push Me Off the Fence! Torn Between Cadet and Pilot...
  78. Pilot/Ristretto inside A30
  79. Side Effect vs. Packing Cube Shoulder Bag?
  80. Diabetic supplies case/bag
  81. A45 on Smaller Jets
  82. A30 personal item
  83. Another A30 vs Tri-Star debate (2nd TB bag purchase)
  84. Organizational pouches for New Pilot
  85. Brain Bag Pockets?
  86. Pilot vs DLBC, Halcyon--packability and other considerations
  87. Upside down zippers
  88. Does the tri-star Freudian Slip fit in the Founder's Briefcase?
  89. Halcyon 400d tough enough?????
  90. Synapse 25: Halcyon v. Cordura (only 2 oz. wt. difference?!)
  91. Synapse in plum?
  92. Bihn backpacks and cam mounts
  93. Side effect colours ever made?
  94. Bag break-in?
  95. Cafe Bag for a dog bag
  96. Will my pumps fit into the NFTD?
  97. Duffle for Golf clubs?
  98. Packing Cube size for A30
  99. Feast v Shop
  100. Best bag for an EpiPen?
  101. Considering a Daylight Briefcase...really close push me over
  102. Leuchtturm + Freudian Slip?
  103. A45 and Jeans
  104. PCSB or Side Effect in Pilot front
  105. Stray fabric, Is this normal?
  106. Smart Alec side pockets...
  107. My Freudian Fantasy
  108. MCB B's LCB...I need help!
  109. Coyote: Tom Bihn vs GoRuck
  110. Camera I/O's demise - questions
  111. Best bag for my EDC?
  112. S25 comfort vs Aeronauts
  113. Guide's Pack Color Options
  114. New synapse 19?
  115. Work/EDC Bag
  116. Trying to Decide on an EDC Bag
  117. A45 Packing Cubes and Accessories
  118. Mods for rolling luggage handles - DLBC/Ristretto??
  119. Old style Smart Alec
  120. Founder's Briefcase
  121. Empire Builder / Cache
  122. [Synapse 25] Halcyon vs. Cordura
  123. Cache REALLY tight
  124. DLBC for my husband
  125. Deciding on EDC bag.. looking at the synapse 25 and 19
  126. Bottom back of a ballistic backpack wearing out dress pants, is there amaterial
  127. Bottom back of a ballistic backpack wearing out dress pants, need a material to add
  128. Trying this again... Briefcase/Backpack Combination
  129. My new Smart Alec--not love at first sight? (SA v. WF)
  130. RFID Passport Pouch, iPhone 7 plus
  131. Side Effect on Smart Alec
  132. A45 Owners: Do you have a 3rd Fabric in your bag??
  133. Pilot: Mesh Water Bottle Side Walls?
  134. S25 - Black/Steel?
  135. Western Flyer for work and occasional travel?
  136. Daylight Backpack: Definitely Not Love at First Sight
  137. iPhone 7 Plus and the Side Effect
  138. Cache for 2010 MacBook 13"
  139. Will the Aeronaut 45 and Cadet combo work for me?
  140. Maker's Bag - chemical smell?
  141. Maker's Bag | Thickness of the bag
  142. Which model?
  143. question about the night flight
  144. Weight of original halcyon Parental Unit?
  145. Travel Tray Colors & Fabrics
  146. BB + BC or S25 + Cache for older college student?
  147. Will a 64 oz Hydro Flask fit horizontally in the bottom pocket of a Synapse 25?
  148. DLBC in Nordic
  149. Comparision of maximum sized carry ons.
  150. Will a SCB fit inside a Swift?
  151. Will an empty pilot fit in the brain bag?
  152. Combo Comparison: Brain Bag + Night Flight OR Aeronaut 30 + Smart Alec
  153. Pilot/Café Bag v. Makers Bag
  154. A45 carryon in Europe
  155. Heavy/fat laptop - Pilot or Cadet?
  156. Need to fill small laptop backpack niche...
  157. Night Flight internal dimensions
  158. Favorite water bottle in a Pilot??
  159. Zipper pull coating damaged
  160. How do you use horizontal webbing in Brain Bag?
  161. Removing chewing gum from S19 in ballistic
  162. EDC : Pilot vs Cadet vs ???
  163. Daylight Backpack vs. Packing Cube Backpack inside a Synapse 25
  164. Advice on a backpack for hiking
  165. Horizontal caches clip to an ID bag?
  166. New 15" MacBook Pro (TouchBar) and Pilot, Daylight Briefcase, or Maker's Bag
  167. Bose QC25/35 in Co-Pilot
  168. Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap for S25 One hand carry?
  169. Removing internal frame on Guide's Pack
  170. (Another) A30 vs. A45 Question
  171. 3D Organiser Cube clear or Clear quarter packing cube
  172. Cache in the Pilot
  173. capacity of synapse 25
  174. S25: does it stand?
  175. Hero's Journey Hip Belt Dimensions
  176. Swift - ballistic or halycon?
  177. How much room does a Brain Cell take up in a Western Flyer?
  178. Man bag choice help please
  179. Quick question: Laptop bags: Occasionally more than one laptop
  180. Hero's Journey Side Pockets Cache Loop Compatibility?
  181. Little Swift vs. Swift
  182. Pilot or Co-Pilot right for me? (warning: many words)
  183. NFTD and Side Effect
  184. MacBook Air 13 fit a Daylight Briefcase??
  185. Help finding the water bottle hack for cafe bag?
  186. Recommendations for 1st TB Purchase (S25?)
  187. Best bag for frequent long distance air travel - Laptop, Gadgets, Toiletries, Clothes
  188. Do you carry your A30 more in backpack-mode or on the shoulder?
  189. 15" older MacBookPro on trip with A30/A45
  190. PCSB happiness
  191. Aeronaut 30 plus backpack for versatile traveling?
  192. Medium Cafe Freudian Slip vs. Maker/Swift FS in regular Swift?
  193. Does laptop need a Cache in the Pilot?
  194. Synapse 19/25 in Red Blend/Nordic/Grey, DLBP in Red Blend/French Blue
  195. Which bags for a 10 day trip?
  196. Pilot interior pocket change
  197. Are the double organizer pouches ever made in halcyon?
  198. Night Flight Travel Duffel--Large Enough for a Long Weekend Trip?
  199. 3D Clear Organizer Cube (material advice needed!)
  200. The new Synapse 19 strap placement - measurement please!
  201. Anyone have Bose QuietComfort 25's and a Tom Bihn Cadet?
  202. Can you help me decide between a Tri-star or Aeronaut 30?
  203. Cleaning questions for cordura products
  204. Night Flight in halcyon
  205. Small Snake Charmer in S19
  206. How do you use and pack your Side Kick?
  207. packable Synapse 19
  208. Pilot or Western Flyer: Need to request a test-pack to help decide
  209. Cambodia 10 days - Can I Do It with Aeronaut 30?
  210. Question about gym 'stuff'
  211. A30/A45 4 x end pocket cubes in middle?
  212. Brain Cell fit
  213. Guide's Pack - Scotland Hiking
  214. First TB bag: A45! Now where to put my laptop...
  215. FJN Inserts
  216. Aeronaut ballistic vs halcyon
  217. Companion bag/insert to Aeronaut 45?
  218. Will Q-Kit small fit a mac book pro charger and ac crod cable (the long cable)?
  219. Synapse 25 & S19 Freudian Slip
  220. Halcyon Makers?
  221. Pilot as EDC
  222. Halcyon Question
  223. Airline Pilot Kitbag
  224. Laptop backpack for petite woman with 13" torso?
  225. One bag: guide's pack vs synapse
  226. Surface book and Brain Cell
  227. Backpack advice for Costa Rica
  228. Cadet or used Ego?
  229. Carrying both a backpack (SA or S25) and a messenger (DLBC)
  230. Jonesing for a new EDC
  231. Another Pilot vs. Cadet question, for travel not EDC
  232. Terrible discoloration on Founder's Briefcase
  233. Which Yeoman or Yeomen?
  234. Deciding between the Pilot vs. Cadet. vs. something else?
  235. Copilot vs 3 ring binder
  236. Which model brain cell and cache for thinkpad x230?
  238. What size cache for a 2017 Dell XPS13?
  239. Synapse 25...None available?
  240. Need an EDC...in NYC
  241. Mad about SA upper modular pocket color discontinuation
  242. Black or Black Halcyon for Work?
  243. Looking for small lightweight companion bag for Tristar
  244. Two issues with S25: capacity, and back panel. Which of the Smart Alec or Brain Bag?
  245. Tool Bag/Box Recommendations?
  246. How do you pack your Medium Cafe Bag?
  247. Anyone use the Money Belt?
  248. Does the Daylight Briefcase fit inside the Tristar?
  249. Tristar or WF paired with a Daypack
  250. My options for 15" Workstation, 3-4 night trips. One or two bags?