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  1. A30 Packing Cube Backpack Dimension
  2. DLBC Vs. Large Cafe Bag, or Ristretto
  3. A Pilot v Co-Pilot Thread
  4. Help deciding on a bag?
  5. Desperately seeking black Tri-Star
  6. Ristretto or braincell?
  7. Night Flight Travel Duffle questions
  8. Another A30 vs. Western Flyer thread: Which to use in combo w/ my Pilot?
  9. Side Kick in the Western Flyer?
  10. Help me choose a bag for 15 days in Europe? (Long post)
  11. Which Bag for a month in various regions of Mexico
  12. Nintendo Switch to go.
  13. Field Journal Notebook hole spacing
  14. 13" MacBook Pro in a Co-Pilot?
  15. Rock, paper, scissors... help! Synapse olive or navy?
  16. Packing Tri-Star (cubes, etc)
  17. Tristar as an EDC work bag
  18. Are any Bihn bags "suit-able" for dressy biz travel?
  19. Reasonable first TB EDC bag for my needs?
  20. Hip belt woe: HsJ > A45 just for hip belt?
  21. Ristretto + laptop + yarn stuff sack? Other options?
  22. Can the Hero's Journey be businessy?
  23. Bottom padding for the Synapse
  24. Halcyon Smart Alec + Ballistic Upper Module Pocket (UMP)
  25. FS for S25 Laptop?
  26. Almost ready for S25, but just read (older) negative review. Still true?
  27. Tom Bihn as a Diaper Bag: which do you use, how do you organize it, tips?
  28. New to TB - Synapse 19 main compartment size?
  29. How do Nordic Halcyon and Navy Ballistic look together?
  30. TB Sheepskin Dog Bed
  31. Daylight backpack with camera insert
  32. If you have similar bags, do you ever grab the wrong one out of the closet?
  33. Alt Uses for Synapse 25
  34. Ego questions!
  35. Synapse 25 shoulder straps not laying flat
  36. Lamy Safari in small travel tray?
  37. Maker and SE or SK
  38. Is Aubergine/Ultraviolet a viable combo to wait for?
  39. New to Tom Bihn, looking at Synapse 19 and 25
  40. ristretto inside a brain bag?
  41. Deciding between the Synapse 25 and the Smart Alec - any thoughts/recommendations?
  42. Anyone using a Freudian Slip in the A30 PCBP?
  43. Some questions about Synapse 19 for specific use case scenario
  44. I have done something to my Co-pilot...
  45. Zip top alternative to MB?
  46. Does the 5/8" SHOULDER STRAP work with the Side Kick?
  47. Photo of Synapse 25 in French Blue 'In the wild'
  48. Is this normal? , or normal for TBists??
  49. Will these accessories work with my S25
  50. organizing Pilot front side bags questions
  51. Cache Size Dell E7450
  52. Will the Co-Pilot fit an Ipad Pro (12.9) with the Apple Smart Keyboard
  53. Shop bag question
  54. Aeronaut 45 doesn't lie flat
  55. An older SuperEgo and accessories
  56. Side pockets size: A30 vs D36?
  57. Large Cafe vs Maker's Bag
  58. Using a Brain Bag for laptops, but without Brain Cells or Caches
  59. Cache sizes and Synapse 25
  60. Strategies for dealing with a sagging S25?
  61. Using Small Cafe Bag for EDC - Need a Bit More Room (Medium Cafe or Maker's Bag?)
  62. Cracking open the plastic pull
  63. Bicycle Helmet Inside Smart Alec
  64. Parental Unit as tote?
  65. Benefits of the Field Journal over Midori?
  66. Considering the updated Parental Unit as an EDC
  67. Daylight Briefcase - which material?
  68. Best place for pins
  69. Computer bag conundrum
  70. Halcyon or Ballistic Nylon for Aeronaut 30??
  71. Which size laundry stuff sack for a synapse 25
  72. Analysis Paralysis... WF or TS for everyday carry?
  73. New to Tom Binh- Trying to decide between Synapse 25 and Brain Bag
  74. Smart Alec questions
  75. Which bag for a photographer?
  76. The Hero's Journey in Singapore
  77. Cleaning an Empire Builder
  78. Will U Lock fit in Smart Alec side pockets?
  79. Brain Bag - uses for interior strip?
  80. Double organizer material
  81. Packing Hiking Poles?
  82. What's the difference between Dyneema and Halcyon fabrics?
  83. Width of WF divided pocket? Need organized personal item
  84. Cache touching bottom of Brain Bag
  85. Cache Size: Retina MBP vs. Retina MBP (2016)
  86. EDC for a mother of two boys (ages 9 and 10)
  87. Material question?
  88. Large Shop Bag fits in.....??
  89. Cork Swift Question
  90. Help? Seeking advice on adjusting Aeronaut 30 and Synapse 19 for comfort
  91. EDC with room for 2 laptops
  92. Questions about PCSB vs Sidekick
  93. Small, subtle bag for office environment?
  94. Parapack bags
  95. iPad Pro 12.9 Cache w/ third party case
  96. Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack Questions
  97. 12" MacBook in Co-Pilot
  98. Synapse 19 not fitting me well - advice?
  99. Upgrade from DLBC
  100. Minimal Overnight Bag
  101. Small bag for in flight org
  102. Cadet and 15" PC Laptop
  103. Frame sheet for Aeronaut 45
  104. Aeronaut 30, smell + interior zipper "symmetry"
  105. 'Squishable' interior organization
  106. Advice on new bag...Luminary, S19 or PU
  107. Synapse 25 in ballistic nylon...
  108. First Bihn bag, looking at Medium Cafe
  109. Removing urethane coating?
  110. Do stowaway packing cubes work with Pilot?
  111. Do I need a Large Cafe Bag (while I can still get one)? If so, what material?
  112. EDC briefcase
  113. Pouchkins fabric 400D
  114. Synapse 19 + 6Z Cache
  115. Tristar vs Aeronaught 30
  116. Disney World - Synapse 25?
  117. 12 inch Macbook & iPad 12.9 inch?
  118. Synapse and Hydroflask...
  119. Seeking advice: gift for Europe-bound student
  120. Stowaway and Freudian Slips
  121. Parental Unit Backpack Hack
  122. iPhone 7+ & Maker's Bag
  123. Shipping times and taxes
  124. Storage for Cables & Other Electronic Gear
  125. Need help - A30, WF, or Tri-Star
  126. Which bag for a sojourn in Westeros
  127. Makers Bag
  128. Need pictures of interior of mini yeoman packing cube
  129. iPad Pro 10.5 in a Small Cafe Bag?
  130. Minimalist Tenkara Fisher: Daylite Backpack
  131. Luminary or DLBP: Which would be your daypack of choice (and why)?
  132. Travel Stuff Sack
  133. Question about Q-Kit
  134. Status of Brain Bag backpack?
  135. Hello! Question about DLBC for weekend away
  136. Medium Cafe Bag as a DSLR carrier?
  137. Help me with my dilemma, please (Tri-Star in Halcyon vs Ballistic)
  138. Small vs Medium Cafe Bag
  139. What Bag to Replace Super Ego
  140. Aeronaut 30 or 45 for carry-on on flight from US to Scotland?
  141. Has the A30 updated like the A45?
  142. Cafe Bag Grab Handle
  143. How much room would a Luminary take up in a A45?
  144. Air mesh back of Synapse...
  145. Halcyon Pouch and Mini Q-Kit
  146. Original color not available??
  147. MSI gs73vr into Tom Bihn
  148. Hello everyone / Founders Briefcase ...Updated external pocket?
  149. SA Upper/Lower Mod Availability & Other Accessory Questions
  150. Droplets on Absolute Shoulder Strap
  151. Suitcase?
  152. Smart alec modular accessories in other colors
  153. 3D Organizer Cube in Co-Pilot side pocket?
  154. Empire Builder questions
  155. Converting a co-pilot to a backpack style carry- anyone done this?
  156. Parental Unit as person item carry-on?
  157. Synapse 19 questions
  158. New strap material for Sm/Med Café bags?
  159. Need bag advice - work bag
  160. One cache / two tablets
  161. Advice needed! Synapse 19 or Synapse 25
  162. Best Bag For iPad Pro 12.9"?
  163. Day trip family stuff in LSB, PU, OR DLBP?
  164. Underpacked SE in side pocket s25
  165. Daylight Briefcase vs. Cadet?
  166. Sherpa Adventure Gear Stuff Sack
  167. Aeronaut 45 vs 30 vs Tristar
  168. Pictures of Olive 525 and Verde 1050?
  169. How do you carry a big smartphone in a Luminary?
  170. TB Historians: What material is my 2013 S25?
  171. Is the SA really waterproof?
  172. S25 as personal item
  173. Any chance we might see PCBP/PCSB in 525 ballistic fabric?
  174. S25 - Can you fit 15" PC laptop w/ cache in the inner sleeve?
  175. Best messenger bags for bicycle commuting?
  176. Pilot vs Stowaway
  177. Does iPad Pro 10.5" fit in a Sidekick
  178. Getting a used Brain Bag (finally!)
  179. Synapse - how does it cope with being used with one strap?
  180. How to use Annex Clips with the "new" Brain Bag?
  181. Internal measurement of HsJ main compartment?
  182. Daylight Briefcase changes
  183. Picture of HsJ with Iberian interior top bag as backpack request
  184. Question from a TB newbie.
  185. Maker's Bag and Security
  186. I found two small holes in my new Synapse 19 - is this normal?
  187. Brain Bag as Personal Item?
  188. Larg cafe vs Side Kick for general mom-ing
  189. Halcyon and mold - can I salvage my shop bag?
  190. Small OP in 3DOC
  191. Side Kick in a Maker's Bag to Make a Painless Big-Bag/Small-Bag Switch?
  192. S25 side pocket - water bottle?
  193. S19 in Original Halcyon / Island
  194. Co-pilot with camera insert
  195. Synapse 19 - Freudian Slip / Cache
  196. Advice needed, Synapse 19 is too small for me, which one I should order?
  197. First/Second Aid Pouch in Brain Bag outer pockets?
  198. Parental Unit packing advice for new parents
  199. Quality Control in new Synapse 19 purple bag
  200. Bag advice for business travel to London & beyond (female)
  201. S19 v S25 - NYC people?
  202. Will a small Snake Charmer fit a full sized toothbrush?
  203. Swift for knitting: what are your essential accessories?
  204. Large Road Duffel Experience?
  205. Pilot & Yeti Rambler 18
  206. Makers bag and laptop question
  207. MacBook Pro 15" + iPad Pro 10" Bag Advice
  208. Large Cafe bag replacement
  209. Smart Alec for 3-4 Days Trip
  210. Thanks and Some Advice Please
  211. Color Choice for S25
  212. Side Kick Color History
  213. S25 Zipper Pulls and Key Strap?
  214. Is coyote being phased out?
  215. Best accessory for 1 change of clothes (male)
  216. A30 Halcyon vs Ballistic--same size?
  217. Cracking/peeling of whatever is used to coat interior
  218. Swift vs. Parental Unit as EDC
  219. Bose QC-25/35 and co-pilot
  220. Guide' Pack and body height
  221. The Hero's Journey for travel - Does it hold Macbook Pro 13 inches?
  222. Will an A5 sketchbook fit into a Side Kick?
  223. iPad Pro 12.9" and Luminary Bag
  224. Side Kick in Aeronaut 45, Synapse 25 and as easy access bag on the plane
  225. Luminary for day hikes?
  226. How long to ship to Santa Monica, CA
  227. Tri-Star to WF
  228. Maker bag conversion to backpack option
  229. Anybody own BOTH a Pilot and Cadet
  230. Tri-Star or Western Flyer for multi-day travel/laptop bag
  231. Medium Cafe Bag Strap Length
  232. The Luminary for Ultraminimalist weekend
  233. Maker's Bag - Colours
  234. Synapse 19 - another fabric dilemma
  235. Synapse 19 and large sized cache recommendation?
  236. Navy vs. Nordic Halcyon?
  237. Side Effect inside a Luminary?
  238. New release 27 November 2017
  239. Daylight Briefcase vs Co-Pilot
  240. Luminary vs Medium Cafe Bag?
  241. What lunch container(s) can fit inside a fabric 3D Organizer Cube?
  242. Cadet vs Pilot (again)
  243. I'm New to Bags--Please Help Me Make a Selection (what to purchase?)
  244. 2017 XPS 15 9560 fit in Synapse 19?
  245. Help Me Decide, Please!
  246. Was Western Flyer updated to accommodate Cache?
  247. Brain Bag Cordura v 525 Ballistic
  248. Help with Synapse 25 purchase.
  249. Side effect or kick?
  250. Brain Bag vs. A45