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  1. Daily EDC Travel Bag Thoughts
  2. Synapse 19 and Thinkpad e470 (and other questions)
  3. Stowaway in Halcyon
  4. Stowaway interior dimensions?
  5. New zipper style?
  6. Perfect gym bag or damage bag?
  7. Packing Cubes in the Synapse 25
  8. A45 vs. Brain Bag.
  9. Western Flyer & Eagle Creek medium packing folder
  10. Help, I can't choose
  11. I can't choose! Brain Bag vs Synapse 25 for someone with a disability
  12. Will the Synapse 25 hold all my stuff?
  13. A45 as checked luggage? Or something else? Or bad idea?
  14. How do you decide on a color?
  15. synapse 19 or 25 as a travel/edc daypack?
  16. Halcyon Daylight Backpack look alike!?
  17. Will an EC Medium Packing folder fit in a S25?
  18. Ballistic 525 colors and Aubergine
  19. Strap Options for the Side Kick
  20. Western Flyer--Why not double top handles?
  21. MCB shoulder strap - shoulder pad is trapped when shortened!
  22. A45 + DLBP to Tri-Star
  23. Synapse 25 -camera in bottom Pocket?
  24. brain bag or the synapse 25 for a 5'1 female.
  25. Shop bags
  26. zipper help
  27. Packing Cube for Synapse 19
  28. Medium Cafe Bag, Daylight Briefcase or Maker's Bag
  29. Pilot Zippers
  30. Is there a replacement for the 13" Brain Cell?
  31. 2018 Backpack Purchase: Synapse 25 Guide's Edition vs Guide's Pack ✈️ ⛰ 🎒
  32. Backpack/Shoulder Bag combo question
  33. Inverted packing cube backpacks against regular packing cubes?
  34. Pilot Pass Through Problem
  35. Night Flight Travel Duffel or Yeoman Duffel as Gym bag?
  36. Cleaning Cordura
  37. Bag for gamers, size of cache
  38. Guide’s Pack vs S25 fully packed
  39. Bag recommendation needed for petite traveler
  40. Synapse 19 too small for 5'5''?
  41. This Changes Everything: Anyone have a 2017 Thinkpad X1 Carbon?
  42. Pilot or Empire Builder
  43. 6’6’’ (197 cm) - synapse 19 or 25?
  44. Help! Will a breast pump + acc's, 13"LT, lunch bag, large water bottle fit a SYN19?
  45. Cubelet and MacBook power brick
  46. Synapse 19 Top Front Pocket & iPhone 7 Plus
  47. Aeronaut 30 Backpack Comfort
  48. Traitor tags
  49. Does anyone use an internal frame AND Freudian Slip inside S25 together?
  50. Need an EDC for one week in Rome (and beyond)
  51. Dell 17" Laptop + Tristar
  52. A30 + 15" laptop
  53. Synapse Interior Material Question
  54. Will the smaller iPad Pro fit inside the NFTD?
  55. New Ballistic Brain Bag vs old Cordura Brain Bag??
  56. Synapse 25 Handle
  57. TriStar owners.. question about "bag in a bag"
  58. Daylight Backpack ?s - Strap Mods and S19 Comparison
  59. How to find out which rare colour combos have been produced before? (specifically Ste
  60. What's pack cloth? (First and Second Aid Pouches)
  61. Sports bag recommendations: Ultimate (frisbee)
  62. laundry stuff stack in night flight?
  63. Was the Large Cafe Bag ever made in ballistic? (aka, Is this parapack?)
  64. Is the Pilot large enough to fit a small drone?
  65. Can you help me?
  66. Best way to carry 10.5 iPad Pro with Brydge keyboard in a Pilot
  67. Tempted by a Western Flyer--what's the thickest thing you've packed in one?
  68. Will a Pilot fit inside an Aeronaut 30 PCBP?
  69. Passport pouch got larger?
  70. Handle Loops and Key Straps
  71. Daylight Briefcase packing cube?
  72. AERONAUT 45 - straps
  73. AERONAUT 45 question regarding the cubes.
  74. Totes...
  75. AERONAUT 45 as carry on.
  76. S25: Halcyon or Ballistic?
  77. Tristar vs Aeronaut 30
  78. AeroChamber Inhaler Pouch?
  79. Likelihood of Steel returning to the A30 before May?
  80. S19 Aubergine?
  81. Halcyon Aeronaut 30 - floppy when partially filled?
  82. Daylight Briefcase vs. Cadet for center of Tri-Star?
  83. Pop Tote vs. Swift
  84. Pilot Large Packing Cube photo comparison?
  85. Pop Tote as flight personal item
  86. Stowaway/Pilot/Co pilot
  87. Modifying a cache for vertical and horizontal entry
  88. Pop Tote - cache size for multiple tablets? Or other recommendations?
  89. Water Bottle in Cadet? Also considering Pilot
  90. Tri-Star Aether Packing Cubes in Western Flyer?
  91. A5 in a TSS?
  92. Aeronaut 30 lining
  93. Specs on retired Small Shop Bag?
  94. Pop Tote vs Daylight Backpack for souvenirs?
  95. Synapse 19 strap fit
  96. Brain Bag questions
  97. Having trouble deciding on spiff kit
  98. Cloud vs Black in the new 525 ballistic
  99. COW / pouches
  100. 3DOC and aging... how does the urethane stand up over time?
  101. New EDC
  102. Daylight Pack in Halcyon or Cordura?
  103. Shoulder bag for travel and teaching
  104. Where, oh Where to begin?
  105. How tight is Vertical New 15" Macbook Pro Retina 2017 Cache?
  106. Aeronaut 45 not full, or Aeronaut 30 filled?
  107. Need help deciding. Aeronaut vs Tristar
  108. Backpack straps on TS and A30/45
  109. Maharajahs and Monte Carlo--which TB bag?
  110. Synapse 19: Ballistic fabric flexibility over time?
  111. Cache for Surface Book 2
  112. Jacket and 15 inch laptop fit in Pilot and/or Cadet?
  113. Freudian Slip sizing page - inconsistent or just me?
  114. Leave No Trace tag
  115. Synapse 25 frame...am I just a moron
  116. Synapse 25 and which cache?
  117. Aeronaut 45 with Daylight Briefcase in end pocket?
  118. Synapse 19 first impression and plea for advice
  119. Zipper coil thread problem- getting worried
  120. Side kick in front pocket of Pilot?
  121. Best bags for small children at Disney
  122. S25 frame & air flow
  123. Synapse 19 - Pouch for bottom front pocket?
  124. DLBP v Luminary
  125. Yes, another "will this fit in that cache" question.
  126. Small Snake Charmer in Night Flight end pocket?
  127. swift bag hack for water bottle?
  128. Crooked Logo
  129. Side Effect Vs Side Kick: Does Double Organizer Pouch fit in the Side Effect?
  130. Deep Blue
  131. flying with the internal frame?
  132. Best laundry packing cube for pop tote?
  133. What Cache: MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13 inch with case
  134. Shredding straps
  135. Creative uses of the Synapse light loop?
  136. Best camera insert for MCB?
  137. Travel cubelet in halcyon
  138. will any other bag fit with western flyer under the seat of most US airlines?
  139. Will my work laptop fit in the Pilot bag?
  140. Durability of Synapse back panel mesh?
  141. Empire Builder
  142. Aeronaut 30 and Synapse 19?
  143. Tom Bihn pillow
  144. cat pee and the SE - how do I get the smell out?
  145. Sequence of messages at the Forum
  146. Insulated lunch box for S25
  147. iPad mini railless cache, a dilemma
  148. TS or WF for large running man
  149. Travel Tray usage - anyone use as Toiletry or Spiff Kit?
  150. Pop tote stowage
  151. Can't decide between Pilot or Copilot for airplane personal item
  152. Question about loose threads
  153. Is the cache a pain to use on a daily basis?
  154. For us who carry Laptop in your Synapse inner pocket/sleeve without the cache...
  155. Measurement of WF pockets
  156. Red Blend?
  157. PCSB in side pocket of Aeronaut 30?
  158. What bags to take for a family trip to Europe?
  159. You all suck!
  160. Bag Advice - Bag to fit this stuff, inside the synapse
  161. Double-use Western Flyer
  162. Stowaway and MacBook Pro 15” fit
  163. Strap question
  164. Need a Good back pack while moving across Canada
  165. France with 3 students and 4 adults
  166. Pop tote in an A30 pcbp
  167. Lunch bag/box option
  168. Ballistic or Halcyon for S25... I need your input to make a better choice!
  169. Test Pack a Pilot request
  170. Daylight Briefcase - Halcyon or 525 Ballistic?
  171. Which size travel stuff sack is comparable in size to Eagle Creek Half Tube Cube?
  172. Grommets at two corners of the Skookum Dog Camp Mat?
  173. Need advice about TB bag for India
  174. Has anyone tried the s19 internal frame sheet in an S25?
  175. Small Cafe Bag & iPad Pro 9.7"
  176. Dolomites 8 days
  177. So what fits in what? S25 DLB FS TC BB??? :)
  178. Small EDC Bag for 13" Macbook
  179. Freudian Slip for Ego
  180. Returned from Europe, need another personal item bag
  181. Identify bag?
  182. Synapse 19 vs 25
  183. Synapse 25 slippery bottom
  184. And another S19 vs S25 thread... :)
  185. Side kick ballistic vs. side kick halycon vs. new ballistic 525?
  186. Absolutely Lost - Recommendation Needed
  187. Backpack strap placement
  188. Stuck Zipper
  189. A45 Frame in the SA or WF?
  190. Can the Brain Bag a) open fully clam-shell b) stand-up by itself? + other questions..
  191. Does the S25 frame guarantee the bag will stand-up?
  192. Photo requests
  193. Help choosing a (dual purpose) bag?
  194. Kindle Paperwhite vs Passport Pouch
  195. Heat from Hydroflask transferring to big compartment
  196. Aeronaut questions - hip belt and zippers
  197. Brain bag - recommend add-ons for these needs
  198. Looking for one bag solution
  199. Western Flyer and Stowaway - Ballistic or Halcyon?
  200. Just got my S19... disappointed in the accessory pocket space and fit, is the S25 bet
  201. Maker's bag pocket measurements
  202. Which organizer pouch for small front synapse 19/25 pocket?
  203. Which bags do the Tri Star packing cubes fit?
  204. New smaller plastic attachment points - Strong enough?
  205. Ruck's Sac
  206. Tristar backpack strap zipper sag
  207. How the age of bags or time affects them
  208. A30 with packing cubes
  209. Synapse 19 - two caches?
  210. Trying to decide if the Western Flyer is the right bag...
  211. Help choosing a bag (and accessories?) for a 3 year old
  212. What shade of TB hunter/foresty green was the Cafe Bag made in?
  213. What size Eagle Creek Spectre Packing Cube fits best in a Synapse 25?
  214. Duty fee for Canada
  215. Ordered my first TB bag (synapse 19)- pics please
  216. Anyone Ever Accidentally Order Multiples of Something?
  217. Looking at a Synapse 25 vs 19 for gym, work/school, and dance bag
  218. A Writer's Bag and a Parent's Bag
  219. Maker's Bag as a messenger bag?
  220. Black vs Deep Blue Synapse 25
  221. Key Strap on Travel Cubelet as exterior handle?
  222. Smart Alec framesheet
  223. Are there o-rings in the FS19?
  224. Mini COP or Pocket Pouch for train/subway tickets?
  225. A little help deciding...
  226. Makers Bag Question.
  227. Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)
  228. Torn between colors on the SCB
  229. Cleaning S19
  230. personal item debate: stowaway vs cadet
  231. How do you use your Snake charmer
  232. Replacing Purse with Medium Cafe Bag?
  233. Synapse 25 weight after having an S19
  234. Cafe Bag - slide strap buckle to other side of shoulder pad
  235. Questions before purchasing my first Tom Bihn--the Synapse 25
  236. Best combination for TWO-bag travel?
  237. Is The Daylight BP Too Narrow To Open From One Shoulder?
  238. Help with finding the right TomBihn backpack...thinking...BrainBag
  239. Maker's Bag versus DLBC
  240. OP for Dr Bronner Bar Soap
  241. Yeoman Mini packing tips
  242. Heresy? Tom Bihn vs. Tortuga vs. Minaal for "One Bag" Travel?
  243. Decisions, decisions: Synapse 19 and my needs!
  244. Stowaway vs. Pilot vs. ???
  245. Please TB cure my pain!
  246. Has the ballistic Navy color changed over the years?
  247. Aubergine/Island?
  248. Can the Synapse 25 be used as a gym bag?
  249. Organizer Accessories for Daylight Briefcase
  250. Any non-parent Parental Unit owners out there?