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  1. Truck or original shop bag?
  2. Travel Cubelet Size
  3. Halcyon DLBP Fitting into any Waist Bags?
  4. Ballistic DLBC vs Ballistic Pilot
  5. Yet another WF vs A30 vs ???? question
  6. Makers bag comparison with Swift and pop tote
  7. Best Minimal Backpack for Conferences/conventions/trade shows
  8. What colors are a possability? (For me its a BrainBag, but in general)
  9. Urethane coating of my DLBP breaking down (again!)
  10. Parental Unit as personal item bag
  11. How to Turducken an S19 and/or an MCB?
  12. Daylight Backpack vs Luminary Comfort
  13. Azalea Love
  14. Zip top shop bag question.
  15. Will the Truck function as work/EDC tote?
  16. Luminary
  17. Staple price/pin prick on S25 lining
  18. Truck weight info
  19. Size paracord for pulls?
  20. PCSB's Future
  21. Pilot, Co-Pilot or other for iPad Pro 12.9”
  22. Best Personal Item for United? (Other than a TB bag)
  23. Pilot vs. Co-Pilot vs ???
  24. another YKK question
  25. Smart Alec Lower Modular Pocket
  26. 9.7" Ipad Pro in top slot on Western Flyer?
  27. Pop tote - will a 14” laptop fit?
  28. Putting more effort into TB bag choice than my last car purchase. Help!
  29. Second Aid Bag: which cross is it?
  30. Medium Cafe vs Makers Bag EDC for Missionary Work
  31. Confirming that the Aeronaut 30 is the right fit
  32. Synapse 25 with two 13" laptops
  33. Synapse 19 within Aeronauts for travel?
  34. Which is the best selling TB bag?
  35. COP pen/pencil
  36. How do you pack your S19? I may downsize from the S25...
  37. How big are the shop bags?
  38. Using travel cubelet in cafe bag?
  39. Brain Bag Questions
  40. What laptop briefcase bags will fit inside A45?
  41. A crafty minimalistic person looking for "the" bag.
  42. Case for new iPad Pro, including the new Apple Pencil?
  43. How to remove GE S25 internal frame?
  44. The Guide's Pack for Walking the Camino de Santiago?
  45. Which Synapse to Gift My No Good Son? (Wordy Warning)
  46. Holes on the side pockets of S25
  47. From Seattle to Paris
  48. Tri Star & Western Flyer Luggage strap question
  49. Can anyone with a nordic halcyon aeronaut post pictures and thoughts?
  50. Which color for the new Road Buddy duffel?
  51. First Aid Pouch (mini!)
  52. Anyone had problems using A30 as personal item?
  53. 13" Macbook Pro in Medium Cafe Bag?
  54. 1050 Fabric - is it abrasive to clothing while carrying?
  55. Yeoman small vs. mini
  56. Western Flyer as a backpack alternative...?
  57. Did Co-Pilot Fabric Shift from 1050 to 525?
  58. Can a standard manila folder fit into a copilot?
  59. What is your favorite EDC AND WHY???
  60. Small Cafe bag question
  61. Question about colors...
  62. Synapse 25 and 5' stature
  63. Attach pins without puncturing my precious TB bags
  64. Washing instructions?
  65. Co-pilot vs Parental Unit for non-parental EDC?
  66. De-odorizing
  67. Empire Builder --does it really weigh FOUR POUNDS?
  68. Small Snake Charmer fit in a Synapse 19
  69. 210 ballistic shop bag -- self pocketing?
  70. Tom Bihn EDC Decision Help: Side Kick, Side Effect, or SCB
  71. S25 stained top center front pocket
  72. Which size zip-top shop bag to carry a packed daylight backpack inside?
  73. Co-Pilot: Measurements for main compartment pouches?
  74. What are these straps and pieces for?
  75. Stuff Sack capacity
  76. Synapse 25 modification
  77. S19, S25, WF, or... something else?
  78. Bag for travel to Thailand and Bali?
  79. Best bag for carrying a few items on board?
  80. Re-using Plastic Zipper Pull Ends
  81. Brain Bag organization, and vs. Synapse
  82. Old Cache codes
  83. Tri-Star or Brain Bag if primarily backpack carry
  84. Has anyone else had problems with TB selling stock they don’t have?
  85. Best 'Checkable' TB bag?
  86. Synapse 19 Label
  87. Side Kick Briefcase?
  88. What pouch to use for keys and key fobs?
  89. Daylight Backpack upper left of front pocket ?
  90. LCB - what to do with the strap ends?
  91. Small cafe color combination question
  92. Identify Please - original original (?) small shop bag? year? colour?
  93. How is flying with the road buddy?
  94. Advice: SA25/BB/WF/TS for travel with 2 laptops + electronics
  95. Make my large DOP stiffer
  96. Synapse 25 - One bag travel for 4 weeks?
  97. Choosing a FS for the Pop Tote
  98. Aeronaut on Safari?
  99. Ristretto vs. Coffee tumblr
  100. LSB and PCSB: Halcyon 200d vs Ballistic 210d
  101. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and the Synapse 19
  102. Nebulous Grey/Northwest Sky Color combo
  103. Pilot & 26oz Yeti Rambler
  104. Carrying your iPad Pro 11" with the Synapse 25
  105. Smart Alec on Frontier?
  106. which yeoman size can I safely bring as a carry on?
  107. Luminary sweat factor?
  108. S25 Packing Cubes (again)
  109. MCB - sizing of interior pockets?
  110. Co-Pilot for EDC?
  111. Have you ever removed the aluminum stay from your internal frame?
  112. Aeronaut 30 as Personal Item?
  113. Synapse 25 vs. Brain Bag for School
  114. How do you station a laptop bag at your desk?
  115. SCB and composition notebook
  116. Grocery shopping/farmers' market: 525d or 210d for the Truck?
  117. When did they "fix" the Synapse 25 Handle?
  118. Could you fit a Pilot inside an Aeronaut 45?
  119. Sleeping Bag + 11 Days in Africa in 7kg - A45 or A30?
  120. The S25 is too large for my EDC. What now?
  121. Another S25 vs BB Thread
  122. The Synapse 19 as a running bag
  123. Internal sleeve for S25 or S19 internal frame
  124. Water I carry?
  125. Cadet "plus”, an EDC (every day carry) that holds a larger laptop.
  126. Small/large shop bags vs Pop Tote
  127. Co-Pilot Zippers Clatter
  128. Padded organizer pouch for New Nintendo 3DS XL
  129. Padded hip belt for Tri-Star
  130. Pilot or Cadet?
  131. How durable is your halcyon bag?
  132. Question about carrying a bag in a bag
  133. Gosh darn it...the same issue again (tiny shoulder bag)
  134. Second bag suggestions please for travel
  135. About the hip belt and frame for Aeronauts
  136. S19 (Halcyon) vs Daylight Backpack (Any material)
  137. Duffel bag recommendation?
  138. Brain Bag as a One Bag Solution.
  139. Trying to justify an Aeronaut 30 in addition to already having an Aeronaut 45
  140. Luminary vs Daylight
  141. Quick and easy--Travel Cublet photo?
  142. Yet another bag washing question
  143. Snake Charmer in Co-Pilot Front Pockets?
  144. Shortening the shoulderstrap on the Cafe Bag?
  145. Am I too short for the Synapse 25?
  146. Aeronaut Laundry Packing Cubes
  147. Those who use S19 and S25, how did you decide which capacity is right for you?
  148. Gatekeeper Waist Strap extension hack?
  149. Ghost Whales
  150. Shoulder straps fit issue with the L12
  151. Brain Bag vs. Western Flyer for EDC + One Bag Business Travel
  152. Aeronaut packing cube sizes
  153. Best bag for a boulderer | Climber | hiker | Micro4/3 photographer | Beach/City ?
  154. Shadow guide vs Smart Alec
  155. Will the Pilot reach my expectations ?
  156. These little plastic thingies that came with the Travel Cubelet
  157. New Burnt Orange 525 photos please!
  158. Packing Cubes for Road Buddy 60
  159. Luminary 15 back pocket and MacBook Air 13?
  160. Synapse 19 owners- do you use an internal frame? Why and why not?
  161. Organizer Pouches in the S19
  162. The Hero's Journey side pocket alternative?
  163. Volume of main compartments only in Synapses?
  164. Yeoman Duffel Questions
  165. Synapse Guardian Light Loop Hacks?
  166. 40oz Hydroflask in Copilot Bottle Holder?
  167. Aeronaut 30 vs 45 vs Western Flyer (for TWO bag travel)
  168. 12 inch macbook in co-pilot?
  169. Hoping for advice on a carry-on / EDC bag or two for a couple of use cases...
  170. Small bag for Sonicare toothbrush + a few things
  171. Freudian Slip vs Travel Tray query
  172. Surprised by S19 Back Sweat. Is the Luminary/Daylight any better?
  173. Travel cubelet 210 black ballistic
  174. Ego vs Super Ego: How to tell the difference (other than measurements)?
  175. Black Zip-Top Small Shop Bag (ZTSSB)
  176. A30 and Hiking Boots
  177. Padded hip belt for side kick
  178. Sternum strap for Daylight Backpack
  179. question about the truck
  180. Is my S25 odd?
  181. Synapse 19 vs 25
  182. Brain Bag clip thingy
  183. Best "Universal" Freudian Slip
  184. Small Ghost Whale for iPhone 8 Plus
  185. Water bottle with Luminary 15
  186. Synapse 25 - Horizontal lining in back panel rubbing into lower back
  187. Side Kick vs PCSB for Daily Travel Bag?
  188. Side kick 210 ballistic?
  189. How to wash Laundry Packing Cubes?
  190. bag advice for first trip to England
  191. Maker's bag inside a brain bag
  192. Packability of DLBP in ballistic?
  193. would the Luminary 12 fit inside the Western Flyer?
  194. Hiking poles attached to a synapse?
  195. Questions and hoping help about the Tri-Star
  196. Laptop cache win an older Brain Bag